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Book Review: Impenetrable Falsehoods by E.W. Storch
December 16, 2017 Book Reviews,OWS Book Reviews Stephanie Ayers

Title: Impenetrable Falsehoods Genre: Short Story Collection Author: E.W. Storch Rating: 4.6 In Impenetrable Falsehoods, E.W. Storch explores the human condition in an enjoyable, conversational style. The short fiction in this collection spans a wide range of topics viewed through an emotional microscope. From old love gone good and new love gone bad, the myriad

Book Review: Hope’s Decree by Angela McPherson
December 9, 2017 Book Reviews,OWS Book Reviews katherynavila

Title: Hope’s Decree Genre: Fantasy Author: Angela McPherson Rating: 4.4 When everything else is lost, there is always hope. While most teens want an epic senior year, Trinity Whitebone hoped for a normal one. Being seventeen was hard enough. Having the emotions of everyone around you in your head made life more than a little

Book Review: My Soul to Keep by Sean Hayden
December 2, 2017 Book Reviews,OWS Book Reviews A.L. Mabry

Title: My Soul to Keep Author: Sean Hayden Genre: Urban Fantasy Amazon Rating: 4.6 stars It was only a wish. Connor Sullivan was painfully average. The very highlight of his existence was going to school, doing homework, and playing video games. He thought nothing would ever change that. Unfortunately, homework usually screws everything up. A

Book Review: The West Woods by Suzi Vadori
November 25, 2017 Book Reviews,OWS Book Reviews heidi

Title: The West Woods Genre: YA/Fantasy Author: Suzy Vadori Rating: 3.7 Courtney Wallis wants nothing more than to escape St. Augustus boarding school. After uncovering a well-kept secret about the school’s founder, Isaac Young, Courtney turns to the school’s magic to convince her dad to let her leave. Things take a turn when she meets Cole,