Crystal Unicorns

Crystal Unicorns
Innocence is so very fragile.
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Alexis may have made a fatal mistake. She wrote a book about an act of evil and its aftermath, all true and graphically detailed. Now a psychopath wants his due and makes a game of the hunt. Her marriage is dying, and hubby is more than willing for her past love to protect her when Alexis arrives in her hometown. There are more secrets than answers and passion may prove reckless. Innocence is so very fragile. Protector, survivor, and hunter are all victims of shattered lives. They are–Crystal Unicorns.
Crystal Unicorns is an 80,000 word romantic suspense novel that provides a fast paced, intense psychological journey where cruelty destroys innocence and crushes the human spirit. It is a novel of redemption and renewal against staggering odds.

Genres: Crime, romance, Thriller
Tag: Recommended Books
ISBN: 9781492768920
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About the Author
Nancy E. Miller

Nancy Miller lives out in the Illinois countryside near St. Louis, Missouri. She shares her home with her husband of 31 years and three exceptionally spoiled dogs. After losing her house to fire in November 2013, not much was left but they did find a slightly melted USB drive with all her writing backups. She took this a sign she should get back to work. She is the author of Crystal Unicorns, a romantic suspense novel available in paperback and ebook on Amazon. Her current book, Shark Bait, is in final edits.

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