Drowning the Sands of G’desh

About the Book

Two religions have waged war for centuries. While the Khalifate controls the Bronze City, forcing the Followers into exile for over two hundred years, the Followers have found a questionable ally capable of turning the tables. These are the tales of three souls navigating the era the Sands of G’desh drown in blood.

Kessem, a young warrior is demoted to scholar. However, numerous players in a larger game use him as a chess piece. His loyalty and sense of what is right will be tested regularly as he struggles to give his family the best life possible.

The teenager Dameneh pines for a woman who left his tiny oasis two years ago. However, at sixteen he is chosen by the One to become a holy warrior. Now he must take on the life of a nomad and along with the unwanted responsibilities of fate.

Azasheer is a mysterious assassin capable of wielding fire as a weapon. He works for money, caring little about the tyrannical Khalifate or the struggling rebels. As he continues his work, taking numerous contracts from the rebels, he starts to wonder if there is more to life than money.

Meanwhile, a mysterious northern empire makes its first of many moves to subjugate an entire content to its will. G’desh only sees the first fleeting glimpse of a greater war.

These are the tales of the Desert of G’desh, the first volume in the Scrolls of Chaos and Order.

Series: Scrolls of Chaos & Order, Book 1
Genres: Epic, Fantasy, Norse
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Abbott Press
Publication Year: 2015
List Price: 17.99
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