Urban Mythology

Urban Mythology

A visual adventure for your mind

Eric Keizer proves poetry is still well and alive with his elite collection of poetry based on Chicago and his life within the Windy City. From mischief to favored places, Keizer leaves no stone unturned. See this infamous city through a new set of eyes and discover a new love for poetry.
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About the Book

Eric Keizer, in his first poetry chapbook, Urban Mythologies, documents the places in, and the people of, Chicago who have made lasting impressions on his life. He celebrates the commonalities all Chicagoans share, while tying the Classics to modern life in the urban landscape, as viewed through his unique perspective.

Genre: Poetry
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: OWS Ink Press
Publication Year: 2017
Format: digital and print
Length: novella
Illustrator: Stephanie Ayers
ISBN: 9781946382030
List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 2.99
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About the Author
Eric Keizer

Eric Keizer lives in Northern Illinois with his wife of eighteen years, and his dog, Edith. He earned his B.A. in English from Drake University, and his M.A Ed. and teaching license from Aurora University in 2013.

A lifelong prankster, he enjoys sharing a good, deep belly laugh and telling tall tales. He avidly reads the Classics, but counts Anne Rice as a guilty pleasure. Although he has written many pieces, his work has not yet been published.

Besides writing poetry, he has written seven children’s books, is working on a psychological thriller about a serial killer, and is feverishly trying to finish a “coming of age” story set in 1980s Chicago.

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