Now facebook is facing one more problem regarding their new ads policy which allow politicians to post paid ads on facebook. In recent report of The Newyork Times it was reported that more than 250 employee of facebook have reported against it’s ads policy by signing an open letter. In this letter employee’s clearly seen rejecting new ad policy of facebook saying “free speech and paid speech are not the same thing misinformation affects us all.We strongly object to this policy as it stands.It doesn’t protect voices but instead allow the politicians to weaponize our platform by targeting people who believe that content posted on our network is trustworthy”. The employees proposed a number of demands which includes:- posting of only true information by politicians, restrictions on narrow use of facebook ads by politicians, Limiting the investment on ad by a politician. On a statement towards the letter one of the spokesperson of facebook commented that “Our company is committed to not censoring political speech”. However he appreciates the step taken by employee saying “Our company’s culture is built on openness so we appreciate our employee’s step to give their thoughts on this important topic”. Also he told that facebook will try best to increase the transparency of political ads”. Their are some news coming from various platform that the employees who had wrote the letter are only a small minority of facebook employees.But the news of this letter getting leaked is one of rarest incidence happened with facebook. However this letter suggests that majority of employees is still standing behind facebook. Many people’s appreciated the work of the employees for standing against the ads policy of facebook one of those are Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who had earlier raised words against Zuckerberg because of his new ads policy and once again after the letter she came in support of those through twitter by tweeting “Courageous worker at facebook are now standing up to the corporation’s leadership, challenging Zuckerberg new ads policy”. This continuous criticism could not make any change for facebook as they have not announced any change in their ads policy. Zuckerberg in his recent interviews also stated that money is not a reason regarding their ads policy and the reason behind political ads was that they wanted that anyone should have access to all the political speeches. This could sound stupid to many people’s as no one is criticizing facebook for showing true political speeches on facebook the criticism is just because of showing false political ads on their platform without investigating about the reality behind these ads. Many renowned people’s has already targeted Facebook’s policy of political ads and many company’s has taken this criticism as a lesson and already banned political ads from their platform.
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