Facebook’s former employee and head of the integrity of the Global election left the job of facebook after six months of service. And now she is coming up with the problems she faced when she tries to resolve one of the hot button issues of facebook i.e facebook political ad policy.

In a report of Washington Post on Monday. Eisenstat who had formerly worked on white house and CIA stated that she tried to change the policy of the company regarding political ads during 2016 elections. During the recent statements made by facebook officials, they made it clear that they will continue to let politicians use their platform for changing the mind of natives.

Eisenstat stated that she had no intention of changing the company but what she wanted to do is make facebook understand the way it could affect politics in various parts of the world. She said, “I want that company should not harm democracy in any way”.

She said that she had closely monitored how these ads were misused by politicians and when she tried to solve the problem the company pushed back.

She said that facebook is not analyzing any content posted on it and the “paid for” label provided to the advertiser has no use and it only gives credibility to the post.

She said “As long as facebook prioritizes profit over healthy content it will continue to damage democracy”.she also said that “The real problem is that facebook profits partly by amplifying lies and selling dangerous targeting tools”.

Eisenstat also said that many employees around her supported her decision of changing the political ads policy. And according to the recent news coming up many employees are still against these policies as more than 250 employees had given a written letter for changing the ads policy.

While talking about her reason for leaving the job she said that she was not empowered to do the job she was hired to do.

While Eisenstat doesn’t think that a complete ban on these political ads is good but the ads are to be done with. complete transparency and she also suggested that facebook needs to work on its ads transparency tool and let it do its work.

At this time facebook was facing criticism from everywhere but this one will be most disheartening for Mark Zuckerberg as they are seeing their ex-employees criticizing their policies. Although she was just sharing her experience in facebook regarding the policy and response from facebook was quite unacceptable when she tried to rectify these loopholes. These incidents will harm Facebook’s image in front of its user as for facebook their ad policy is on focus light from everywhere. However, this criticism was not known for facebook as they already faced many allegations from a various renowned person’s across the globe Jack Dorsey was a living example of that. Many companies like twitter had already marked themselves safe in this issue by banning political ads.

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