Gold is gold and silver is silver. With this developing world, facilities are not less than to find gold coins in the empty pocket. The technology works like the sugar in water, creates easiness inhumane life which is thankless. A house of shine, Facebook through which millions of people connected and throw their matters to spread on the land of business. Facebook carries many features according to the interest and use of its users. Approximately every one who is in touch with Facebook uses Facebook just because of these innovative and unique features. Every time Facebook tries to make its users entertained. One of the recently launched features makes “Facebook a Marketplace”.

Facebook Marketplace: How to Find this new feature?

Followings are the simple steps you need to follow in order to get access to this feature

Log in to Facebook Account: Just log in to your Facebook account.

Search for “Explore”: on the left-hand side of the Facebook home page, there are many options available. You just need to search for the “Explore”

Click on the “Marketplace”: After clicking on the explore you will see Marketplace option. Click on this option, you will reach the Facebook marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace: How to use its feature?

It is very important for someone to understand and have a strong grip on the use of this feature. The following are the steps that will guide you to do that.

Specify Location: In order to see the inventory of the available things near to your location, you have to specify the location. For this, click on the “Location” and select the distance from your location like 2km, 100km, etc.

Select an interesting category: Select the given option “Shop by Category” and you will see it contain many options like Home and Garden, which is also adorned with new subcategories, similarly many others.

Check availability of the product: If you find your ideal product, then you have to click on that item, it will open a new window. It will contain all specifications of the product ranging from price to size and color etc. Then click on the “Ask About Availability” your message will send to the seller. A new chat window will open. Now, you can have a conversation with the seller and make your product description clearer for you.

Fix the price of the product: Sometimes you want the product within the budget best suits you. For example, you want to get a cell phone but do not carry too much money. You feel hesitated to start a chat with a seller before clarification of the demand the seller has. In this situation, you do not need to get worried, you have the power to set the price of the product. To set the price, go to the “Price” option and set the range of money you are interested in.  for example, if someone selects a range from 10-25$ then you will only see the product which has a price not less than 10 and more than 25$.

Garage sale: The Facebook market place also has an option like a Garage sale, at which only used product is set for selling. Anyone interested in these products can visit this option.

How to become a seller on Facebook Marketplace

The following are the steps that make you clear how to sell your products on the Facebook Marketplace.

The detailed discussion of the above two points is given below. So have a birds-eye view, in order to become a good seller on the Market of Facebook.

Selling product by using Facebook website

After login to the Facebook account just go to the marketplace icon and click on it. You will see many options, as you want to sell a product so click on the “Sell Something”.

A small notification will appear, demanding the product descriptions. The first question will be, What are you selling? You have to write here the name of the product, like if you want to sell a book just write its name there. Then fill up the price box and one thing that you should keep in mind is that always mention the price in the currency of your country. The reason is, definitely, the buyer of your product will be near to your location and they can find it difficult to clearly understand the money you demand the product. Being a seller it is better for you to remain on the safe side. Facebook marketplace will locate your location automatically, so no need to fill the location box. Then outline the category, which belongs to the product nature. Then describe your product by all the possible keywords a buyer can use to search this product. The last step is to upload some clear images, the images must be high-quality. you should upload the product images from all the dimensions of your product. After performing all these steps, click on the Post.

Selling History: Facebook marketplace also provides a facility to check your selling profile. There are two options available

  1. Active
  2. Sold

The first option gives you the products that are available to sell. By clicking on the first option, you also have a right to manage your post that allows you to edit the post or delete it. The latter represents all those products which you have sold.

Selling products by using a Facebook app

For selling things by using facebook marketplace through ant device. Open your facebook app and get access to your Facebook account. On the top listing option, click on the store like appearing icon. By clicking on it, the facebook marketplace will open. Click on the What are you listing? Three options will appear

  1. Items for sale
  2. Vehicles for sale
  3. Housing for Rent/Sale

Click on the first option, a new screen will open. Click on the ADD PHOTOS it will open your cell phone gallery. From this, you can select the photos and then click on the NEXT.  Then answer the question What are you selling?  Similarly, fill the other option as price and category explain above. After all, click on Done and Save.

Shipping offer: if the seller can offer a shipping facility then click on the option Offer shipping for this item.

Facebook Marketplace a better way to start with

Facebook Marketplace a new beneficial source for many people in the world. Here are the most prominent qualities of Facebook Marketplace, which make it an ideal place someone uses to grow his/her business.

Facebook Marketplace an icon for local business: There are options as you have seen in the above-stated discussion, the seller, as well as the buyer, can select the location near to which they want to get this product. so, in that sense, Facebook Marketplace proves a helping hand for the local business flourishment and makes local businessmen enable to shine his/her business.

Product diversity:

  1. On the Facebook marketplace, one can sell every kind of product. The products categories are given below
  2. Home and garden
  3. Housing
  4. Entertainment
  5. Clothing and accessories
  6. Family
  7. Electronics
  8. Hobbles
  9. Vehicles and bicycles
  10. Classified etc.

All these categories also have sub-categories. So, from these categories, one can estimate the diversity and varieties of the products available on the Facebook marketplace. In this way, the Facebook market place gives an attractive platform for the sellers and the buyers simultaneously.

  • Global market: one can regard the Facebook Marlet place a global market. There are two reasons to call this a global marker
  • This opportunity is available to all Facebook users worldwide. In each and every corner of the globe, everyone has equal opportunity to get benefits from the Facebook Marketplace.

A business having several branches in different places can use this blessing to promote their business everywhere. They can make they’re dealing with the buyer by providing the buyer a wide choice of getting the product where they live.

4. Anywhere with any device: People can get access to their Facebook account by using any device. Either it is a laptop or cell phone. It means a businessman always be in a position to deal with their buyers at any time and everywhere.

Not a time seeker: The ideality of the facebook market place, lies in the fact that it does not require a lot of time. Every one knows Time is money, a business can only get grow when it has two characteristics, effectiveness and efficiency. The efficiency Facebook marketplace provides to a business is that it takes little time. Anyone can post the description of the product in just a few minutes. Every buyer can search for an interesting product within just a few seconds. So Facebook marketplace is a good way to save time and earn more money in less time.

Make strong interactions: Facebook market place provides the greatest opportunity for the seller to get the potential customer and make a strong relationship with them.

Old is gold: the Facebook marketplace is such a useful platform not just for those who want to sell and buy only newly launched products, but also for those who want to get the old things. It helps some people to get rid of the old things they are tired of, and for those who are interested to buy the second-hand products with losing too much money.

Filter the price: Facebook market place helps the buyers to search for the product with the price range. In this way, it saves time for the buyers and helps them to get the list for selected products price-wise.

Equal Opportunity: the Facebook marketplace is a set up that offers an equal opportunity to their user, to be a buyer and a seller at the same time. A person can sell an old product and can buy a new one from another.

Career Craft: Anyone who wants to start a new business and does not have business experiences. He/she can get to know the cons and pros of the online business by testing the Facebook marketplace. It will make them to take future decisions about their occupation and lead them in the right ways. So, the Facebook marketplace works as a career crafter.

Solid terms and conditions: Facebook market place not only helps its users to get their products but also guarantees that no one can ger deceive by anyone. For this Facebook marketplace comes with strong terms and condition for the sellers,

Any seller is not allowed to sell some products including drugs and guns.

The sellers are suggested to give a clear description of the product and any false information will let them fall in the hand of the law.

     At the same time, the buyer is advised to not pay money before receiving their product. In this way, it is a fair policy imposed on any user of the Facebook marketplace.

Safe dealings: Dealing with the products on Facebook market place is safe in any way. There is a little probability of being fooled by anyone. Money transfer saves and dealing is more pronounced in this way.

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