Application researcher Jane Manchun Wong found evidence of tested functionality in Facebook’s secret conversation feature.

Secret Conversations was added to Messenger in 2016, providing users with an end-to-end encrypted conversation experience. To activate it, touch the “New message” icon in the upper right corner of Messenger, then press “Secret”.

For now, this will probably look a lot like a classic chat in Messenger, but the audio and video call icons (top corner) will be missing. In Wong’s screenshot, however, they are there.

Wong did not share any other details about the feature and we do not know when (or if) it will be launched. But it’s pretty simple to spend end-to-end encrypted conversations on encrypted calls; For example, Signal, the privacy-focused email application, already offers an option for end-to-end encrypted calls. It should be noted that Facebook uses the signal protocol – the same one used by Signal – for encryption in its Secret Conversations feature.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently committed to redesigning the company’s platforms to focus more on privacy. “People’s private communications must be secure, and end-to-end encryption prevents anyone – including us – from seeing what people are sharing about our services,” he wrote. This new feature could be one of the first steps of the company in this direction.

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