Facebook might be looking to provide encrypted video and audio chats to its user.App researcher Jane Manchu Wong claims that he had found evidence of testing of this feature and they were planning to give this feature as a part of facebook secret conversation.

Secret conversation feature was added to facebook back in 2016, offering user an end to end encrypted chat. This feature somehow increased the privacy of Facebook.

In screenshoot released by Wong the chat look very similar to messenger chats but the audio and video call icons will not be there.

Wong didn’t released any information about the launch date or any other feature. However this update will only take messenger from end to end encrypted chat to encrypted calls.

Some messaging apps are already providing this feature for example Signal. These apps are using same signal protocol that facebook is using.
Zuckerberg also provided hints regarding encryption feature saying “People’s private communication should be secured.End to end encryption prevents everyone from seeing what people share on our platform”. This feature could be a start towards a private messaging feature in messenger.

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