Facebook has launched its new logo on Monday and it’s a design with all words in capital and a new generic look.However the new logo is just for company’s website and the social media facebook will continue with the old blue logo.New logo will also appear on facebook owned services after few weeks.

While explaining about the logo facebook chief marketing officer Antonio Lucio said “we’re introducing a new company logo which will distinguish the facebook company from facebook app”.

It look like a bizarre change because it’s blue logo had been become a mark of facebook brand.But the company official thinks that that this logo will bring more upside progress to the company during the time facebook is facing various investigations and allegations from public because of its ads policy.

This step might be taken for separating other facebook owned services like whatsapp,instagram.etc from the investigation and backlash they are facing from public because of facebook ads policy.

At the sometime one of the facebook official told Bloomberg that he thinks by adding facebook branding to all its services will make easier for the company to get into the positive light.

Earlier this year Zuckerberg also revealed the plans of merging all three of its social media platform so that the user can do messaging between the three services and the company has also started making people aware by facebook owned services by putting from facebook in the names of instagram and whatsapp.These steps shows that facebook is now slowly completely taking over complete control of whatsapp and instagram.
Chief marketing officer stated about the new logo “This brand change is a way to better communicate our ownership structure to the people and businesses who uses our service to connect share,build community and grow their audiences”.

On this Monday Zuckerberg put the meme industry on fire with his all new launch of new logo and re-brand which converted them from facebook to FACEBOOK which is not blue but a multi coloured logo this time.

Facebook logo memes

Some of the recent incident happened with facebook and Zuckerberg puts the social media platform on fire as facebook data management and Facebook’s cryptocurrency is facing criticization.

Facebook was also widely criticized for it’s political ads policy which allow politicians to post content on their platform by paying them and after these incidents the change of logo was getting quite funny for many people’s.
As I had written earlier this incident of changing of logo provide meme material to the members.

In the post facebook chief marketing officer stated that they are bringing a new logo for separating facebook company from facebook app as of now facebook app will continue with old logo and facebook company will be represented by the new logo this new logo use the different font with all letter capital which changes colours.This new logo was also visible in facebook owned services.

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