Hola people! Most of our generation is available on social media, and it gets easy to know about someone. we also find that for some time, our elder generation has also got along with social media, somehow trying to catch up with the Millenials, if not on every networking site, most of them are on Facebook. and as Millenials, we are the warmest host for these newcomers on facebook, we are up for their every little query they have, as to how should log in, I forgot my password, how do I find my neighbor and the list goes on endless unless they get a hands-on it. Now imagine if your mom or dad asks for your help in finding that old aunt of yours who has recently joined facebook, and you seem to be helpless as you are unable to find her yourself. Quite embarrassing right? yeah, we feel you. Again think of a situation, when you suddenly remember your childhood crush and you decide to connect with her and you jump to facebook and type her name, but all you get is a result of at least ten similar name profiles and whatnot, you try to search through but cannot find it, again we feel you!

So as millennials, we decided to spread some awareness and smart tricks in our community, for using facebook search like a pro. Here, we will discuss ways to use facebook search to find out things that matter to you or are relevant to you. Quickly browse the points mentioned below:

Find friends, family, relatives on Facebook

This seems easy peasy job unless you have to find that one ‘Mr. India’ on facebook. we mean those people who claim they are on facebook but you never seem to find them every time you try to connect. next time when you find a person, refine your search by using filters like the selecting people or group, and by further adding filter of cities, school or college you shared, your chances of finding that person are extremely high.

Facebook groups and events

you can find a person in public groups if you and the person share similar interests and you follow a related public group, look for the person in groups. again there are high chances that if they have an interest in something they might follow a group for updates and knowledge. another option is facebook events, lots of events are organized across the world and most of them are mentioned on facebook, you can also seek details from here as to who is attending an event.

Facebook finding shared interest

most of us have interests that are similar to that of other people, or our friends but are unaware of it. you can use facebook search to find people amongst your friend list who have similar interests as that of you by searching ‘ friends who like…’, this search option shows the results based on the types of posts liked by your friends.

Facebook finding pictures

thinking of that epic picture of you and your friends that you posted on completing high school, or a great destination pic you posted last month. yeah, you would probably visit your profile and scroll till death to find that picture. not anymore, buddy, you can use phrases like ‘photos of my friends…’, ‘photos of …..’, ‘photos of me before 20 years’ and so on. this helps you draw quick search results and you can relish that moment.

Facebook use keywords

in case you thought you could use keywords only on google, here is the thing, you can use keywords on facebook as well. for example, you attended a wedding last year and now you want to see pictures of it, you can type keywords that seem relevant to your search. Let us assume you are looking for a hack that your friend posted two weeks ago, it was regarding some recycling. so to find that particular post directly, you can search ‘recycle hacks’ in the search bar and all the relevant posts by your friends will show up. Also if you are a member of some public group, relevant posts, posted by people in the group will show up.

Facebook searching for news

you can read articles or see news clips that are trending currently in your area, state or country. you can find a piece of trending news using relevant hashtags that you might have come across. you can also simply type about the incidence and find the relevant news, just by using phrases like links, news and so on.

Facebook trailers and videos

although you can find the latest trending videos in the trending section, if you wish to find some older music video or a film trailer, you can simply type the name and you can easily find it in your search result.

Facebook shopping

this feature has been added lately with facebook, and with the Instagram, you can search for the item you wish to purchase, and there you will find items in search, and equally similar to any other shopping website, you can sort the listing according to relevance, low-price or high-price.

Find hotels, restaurants, business using facebook

just like you add check-ins of a place, you can find these in your activity log, not just your activity, but you can also find places that are checked by your friends. also, you can find businesses in the suggestions that are new to your area, or popular in your area.

Facebook Reverse search

when nothing works to find a person, you can search a person by using his phone number, if you have the person’s phone number, then you can simply put their number on the facebook search, and you can find them. however, this is possible only when the person on the other side has added their phone number as public. still, this reverse search is worth a try if you could get lucky.

so these are some tricks and tips to become pro in facebook search. Always remember facebook search is google’s bestie and you can find equally relevant results like google search, just kidding, but we mean it though. Another key aspect is that you should always use hashtags and keywords to draw more relevant results from facebook search.

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