Recently facebook has launched its new feature for taking care of health of its user and this feature was known as Preventive health and it was launched for users from U.S. It will be operable in facebook app. To use this feature a user have to fill various details regarding health and then it will recommend screenings based on the information as well as other measures like flu shots.

This feature also recommend users regarding nearby FQHCs (Federally qualified health centres) this feature allows users to set reminders regarding test and appointment it also notifies the user when test and appointments are completed.
This time facebook tried their level best to insure the users that this time no data of the preventive healthcare will be given to the advertisers but this will be a great point to look at that whether facebook users will trust them or not for their sensitive health data.For companies related to technology the field of health is a great field of business as well as people’s goodwill.Although some big companies like amazon,google and Apple have already worked in the field of health.

But facebook preventive healthcare tool has a great advantage as they had tie ups for remainders and suggestion of health data with great institutions.Health experts around the world are also excited about this initiative from facebook.

Big challenge for this feature to be successful is that complementary actions are needed on behalf of various health agencies is required.In this feature facebook is also providing some ideas regarding the affordable health clinics nearby.However finding place is easy but will it be true data regarding clinics which facebook will provide.

Some reasons because of which various experts are not putting their expectations high is the privacy concern as it was very difficult for all users to trust facebook with their sensitive health data and the only reason behind that is the past actions of facebook authorities.

However facebook tried hard to ensure that user data will be safe this time and this can be seen through the post which was given during release of this feature this post stated that,
“Information you provide is securely stored and accessed by only the group of people who works on this feature”

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