A vast platform of social gathering, Facebook has knitted many people having different backgrounds, countries, and thinking.

It acts as air that assists the butterflies of thoughts to fly. People like to spend their time on Facebook, to make it precious.

A variety of gossips and professional conversations are running on Facebook simultaneously. It is a powerful tool of greatest importance even for everyone.

People who have developed a strong connection through Facebook, know its importance. it is very compulsory for them to be updated all the time by the activities occurring on Facebook. Here are some words, FB people most familiar with after their names……… 

“Log In, Sign Up”. These two are the name of same gate through which they entered into the incredible world. To enter through this way is very easy task.

Every Facebook account holder knows it very well. But how good it will be when the user can get access to Facebook account in the momentary. So, for that purposes the Facebook messenger was developed. It helps out people by making a bridge between them and their connection that they consider better be answered on time.

In this High-tech world, every person owns a mobile so this application runs on their mobiles and adds glee to FB users. From this application, to do Log out is not an uphill task. Many consider it difficult and do not get involved with this and remain at a far distance from the benefits.

Here I come up with all possible solutions to this process. All the steps of logging out from Facebook messengers, available to any device, are discussed in detail.

  1. From Android devices: The following are the steps you must follow in order to log out the Facebook messenger on android devices.

Action to Log out Facebook messenger on Android 2018

There are a few very simple steps that you have to follow to log out from your Facebook messenger account.

Click on the messenger icon to connect:

Just get access to your cell phone, and tap the icon pointed out in the diagram. When you click on it. It will welcome you to messenger. Then again click on the “connect as….”.

Search for the log out option in Facebook Messenger:

Now, click on the person icon, just go through the available option. You will find that there is no such option available. So What?………. There is nothing to worry about. This issue has a very easy solution has explained step by step.

  • Go to setting: Click on the setting icon in your cell phone, then search for the application, right-click on the application icon as shown in the diagram below.
  • Click on the Application manager: Then you have to select the application manager.
  • Find hidden Messenger in application manager: After jumping on the application manager, you have to scroll down in searching for the Facebook messenger as shown below.
  • Click on storage: After opening the messenger, directly click on the storage. After that tap on the clear data, it will show you a confirmation notification with two available options
  • Cancel
  • Delete

Just go with delete. It is done…………Yes, it is.

  • Go back on messenger: To confirm that you are log out the Facebook messenger successfully, just go back on the messenger. You will find it is logged out.

Check through video as well

  • Action to log out Facebook messenger on android 2019

The following method will represent the easiest way to logout Facebook messenger. Just follow these steps one by one.

  1. Logout Your Facebook Profile: Just open your Facebook profile. To search the logout option, scroll down available apps and click on the logout option. It will give you a notification click on the “Log Out” option. With this, you will be logged out from your Facebook account. But your Facebook messenger will not be logged out with Facebook account.
  • Go to the setting: Just go to the setting and search for the Apps. Then click on the “App” and sweep to“All” and search for the Facebook messenger.
  • Tap on the “CLEAR CACHE” and “CLEAR DATA” option: Then click on the clear cache and clear data. A notification will appear by the name “Delete app data”, you have to tap on Ok. Facebook messenger will log out……….
  • From Facebook: The following process can be followed in order to log out the FacebookMessenger from Facebook.
  • Using the Facebook website
  • Using the Facebook app
  • Using the Facebook website: Here are the steps, a person has to follow. These steps help out to logout the Facebook messenger.
  • Login to the Facebook account: First of all, login to your Facebook account by using any browser. Now tap on the upper right corner of the home page, navigate down and click on the setting option.
  • Click the Security and Login: When you click on the settings, a tab named “General Account Settings” will open. Now tap on the security and login, given in the options appeared on the left-hand side.
  • Where you are Logged in: After clicking, you will get a new site naming Security and logging. Go to the “Where You Logged In” part of the site.
  • Click on the ellipsis sign: After that click on the ellipsis sign on the right. Then click the logout option. This the way you can logout from the Facebook messenger easily.

B) Using the Facebook app: You can also logout from the Facebook account by using Facebook app.

1) Download the Facebook app: On your iPhone, iPad and Android devices, download the Facebook app. This app will help you to get access to your Facebook account. Go to the menu, click on the settings and privacy. When you click other options will appear, just go with settings.  After that tap on the security and login. A new screen will appear, click on where to logged in option. Tap on the ellipsis sign, and then on log out.

This is the uncomplicated method you can use on any device so downloading this Facebook app you can be trouble-free.

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