As the company is facing regular allegations because of its political advertising.Now lawmakers are also pressurising the company but despite all these things facebook has proved no scandal can affect its growth and popularity.
The company released it’s report for the third quarter of 2019.Now facebook has taken 17.7 billion and the number of daily active users increased by 1.62 billion and through these numbers the social media giant once again beats the expectations of experts.

Now even the company employees are also pressurising company on its ad policies. Zuckerberg is also facing questions and allegations on its policy from the lawmakers. These instances shows that ads policy of facebook is top trending and Zuckerberg could also feel the heat of this topic.Although during his meeting with investors Zuckerberg made it clear that he had no intentions of changing these policies.
He said “Although I have considered whether we should not carry these ads in the past,and I will continue to do so on balance so far I thought we should continue with our policies”. However he gave some hints on increasing the transparency of company.

Before this results twitter CEO announced that his company will not support political ads. However he did not call out facebook or Zuckerberg by name but his words are clearly indicating that he is not in the favour of facebook ads policy.And he also mentioned that political ads policy is not creditable.

Mark Zuckerberg also tries to clear that their policies towards political ads are not financially motivated saying only 5 percent of company revenues are expected from political ads.

Zuckerberg mentioned he believes that political speech is important and everyone should be able to hear.He said that this is the only reason behind their political ads policy and business perspective plays no role in there ads policy.

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