Cannot find server or dns error

Someday, you’re browsing the net just first-class. Day after today, a few or all the websites you typically visit are no longer available. Troubleshooting “web page can not be displayed” or “cannot discover server” errors messages can be irritating. There are a number of feasible reasons and it may take a chunk of digging to get to the basis of the hassle. Right here’s the way to troubleshoot some of the more common net connectivity problems.

Weed out the apparent

Before you begin trying to find stripes on a horse to call it a zebra, test to make certain it isn’t always without a doubt just a horse. Take a deep breath, step lower back, and check the plain. Do not pass this step – in most instances, the purpose is tons more benign than we might suppose.

Check to make sure the cables are related well.

If using wi-fi, take a look at the router to ensure MAC address controls are either disabled or properly configured to allow access.
Ensure your internet connection is running – use a 2nd pc or ask a friend to swing with the aid of with their laptop to verify.To help with hardware troubleshooting, down load Microsoft’s network Diagnostics for windows XP tool

Test for configuration issues

In many cases, the “web page can not be displayed” or “can not discover server” mistakes messages may be a end result of a modified HOSTS file, trouble with net Explorer settings, or an oversized index.Dat record.

The HOSTS file is the digital equivalent of the smartphone enterprise’s listing help. Wherein listing help suits someone’s call to a smartphone quantity, the HOSTS document maps domain names to IP addresses. Take steps to test and defend the HOSTS file from unintended modifications.

Burgeoning internet records folders, caches of brief documents, and different saved browsing information can bring about connectivity troubles – from slow browsing to “web page can not be displayed” or “can not find server” error messages. Net Explorer makes use of will discover a bevy of options available to tweak the settings essential to decorate net connectivity.A corrupt Winsock

Did you put in new software, remove software program, or update software program these days? Did your antivirus or antispyware scanner get rid of a virus or other malware just previous to the trouble going on? If both of the above are authentic, the “page can not be displayed” or “can’t locate server” error messages may be a end result of a corrupt Winsock or lacking certified carrier company (LSP).

Use LSP-restore to restore LSP troubles.After using LSP-restore, reboot the system and try to get admission to the internet. If the problem nevertheless persists, observe the commands outlined in Microsoft KB811259 to determine and recover from Winsock corruption.

Observe: the stairs outlined in KB811259 are first-rate suited for tech-savvy users. The much less tech-willing may additionally desire to down load WinSock XP restoration as a substitute (for windows XP only). Those using home windows 98/ME may additionally want to use Winsock2 restoration.

Even as fairly appeared by way of customers, neither of these applications offer technical support and both have to be used at your very own hazard.

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