unable to join network iphone Failure

The mistake message “not able to enroll in community Failure (mistakes -three)” seems on an iPhone whilst it fails to connect to a wi-fi network. In fact, the motives for this difficulty are the same as for pcs failing to connect with a wireless domestic network or hotspot. To resolve those issues, do the subsequent:

Check the network name (SSID) putting at the iPhone to ensure it fits that of the wireless get right of entry to point. Bear in mind that SSIDs are case-sensitive.

Test the security configuration (WEP or WPA parameters) on the iPhone to make sure the values (encryption keys or paraphrases) suit the access point. Encryption keys aren’t case touchy, however paraphrases are.

If neither of the above steps resolves the difficulty, troubleshoot safety settings on the wireless get entry to factor. Contact the administrator of the access point for additional assist if vital.

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