Google changed its CEO Sundar Pichai to Alphabet company

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the previous Stanford University students WHO supported Google during a silicon valley garage, aforementioned yesterday that they're stepping aside as leaders of the web behemoth they started 20 years ago. They said they will take care of Google and Sundar Pichai the ...

Google Business: How Is It beneficial for businesses?

What is Google Business With the advancement of technology, its benefits are reaching in every field be it business or education. The technological giants that have transformed our lives for better, Google is being one of them. If you are looking to promote your business according to the latest ...

Google Photos: Backup and how to download?

For the common masses, keeping photos secure is the most daunting task. Those that keep their data stored in hard discs, memory cards, and mobile storage face two problems. First, they face the low storage problem; second, all these storage tools can get corrupted over time and the chances are ...

Google Android App: How to Do Image Search?

Google image search or reverse image search depends on selecting an image, and then ask Google to find similar images being used on different websites. It's a very important feature which can play an important role to find the real source of the picture. Google image search is not only free of any ...

Google Flights: Are They Offering Cheap Flight Tickets?

Google Flights Introduction Google is getting better and better by each passing day and the same goes for its flight search features. Google's flight search engine will provide you the opportunity to search the best flight deals even if you are just searching for the sake of it. If you have ...

Google Drive: How to upload, share and sync?

What is Google Drive? Almost everyone faces a similar problem, i.e. the shortage of storage in the hard drive. The solution to this limited storage is provided by Google Drive. It is a cloud storage service, and it can increase the storage files of your hard drive without any limit. Remember, ...

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