Today online advertisement is a very important tool to help grow your business. Google ads are one of the best ways to connects with customers and increase sales. Before one can use this app in a better way it is important to learn how it works. Before learning how it works we need to learn what a Google ad is.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a platform owned by Google focused on online advertisement. Now it is the largest network used by millions of businesses all over the world to introduce new products to their customers. Advertisers on this platform can target millions of networks and this network is referred to as pay per click type of advertisement. This method of advertisement is also called paid search. There is another type of advertisement which called a display advertisement; both these advertisement methods are controlled by Google but AdWords is normally focused on search network advertisement.

To use Google AdWords one needs to create an account. Let’s have a look at how to create that account. 

How to Create an Adwords Account

If you have an existing Gmail account, you can use this account to create an account on Google AdWords. If you don’t have an old account you need to create a new account to use AdWords platform. You have an option to create that account only for Google AdWords; then put some basic information required for the account, this information may include your current location and your country. After this information, you need to specify a particular billing method so that you can pay Google for their services.

How to use Google AdWords

After setting up an account on Google AdWords it is the right time to learn how to use this account effectively for your business. There are two important points to understand to use Google AdWords effectively. The first one is the right use of keywords and the second, being writing compelling ads. 

Understanding the keywords

When a user wants to search for their required products, he simply goes to Google and searches some keywords related to the required product. if your ads contain those words the user will see that advertisement first, this you can grow your business. Now the network problem is each keyword is not equally popular, therefore every advertiser would like to use popular keywords. 

Therefore Google will allow the advertiser to bid on their favorite keywords so that can see their advertisement the most. It is important to know that advertisers cannot buy particular keywords directly they need to bid and only the most interested one will when the keywords.

The main question is still there how to choose appropriate keywords for advertisement and which keyword is more important than others. This is evaluated after the keyword research phase. There are different methods to search the topmost keywords for a particular advertisement. You can take the help of keyword search engines to get information in this regard.

After choosing an appropriate keyword search engine simply enter the topic of your advertisement in that search engine and the search engine will show the topmost keywords words for a particular query. You will get the information which keywords being searched the most and which keyword has no worth at all. Prefer the keywords that are researched that most.

Writing the Compelling Ads Content

After specifying important and relevant keywords regarding your business, the next step is to write compelling ad content. The compelling ad’s content is important to attract more and more customers towards your ads. What makes this task challenging is the limited space you get to write the relevant content and provide maximum information related to your business so that customers can learn what you are selling and what the benefits of using your product are.

The other factor to consider while writing ad text is to use the right language and the tone of your advertisement should be positive. You can use little humor and emotional sentence to gain more attraction. Sometimes giving more information related to the upcoming offers works.

Why use AdWords

Here are the 5 main reasons why you should use Google AdWords.

It Is Flexible

The main reason why you should use Google AdWords over traditional marketing sources like newspapers or even TV is that it is very flexible, easy to understand and to measure. But sometimes it is challenging to measure SEO campaigns properly and AdWords PPC is the best way to measure what leads to higher ranking and lowers the ranking of your ads. AdWords PPC is equipped with different PPC metrics to help you find what is working and what is not.

You should AdWords because it has some customizable options to sport your advertisement campaign and fulfill your specific needs in the best way possible. AdWords is useful for particular keywords to match type advertisements, to add extensions, to know better your audience, and get access to multiple platforms to reach out to your customers.

AdWords Is Engaging

Adwords is one of the main earning sources for Google, therefore, they are giving a lot of importance to this unique platform, continuously improving its performance and adding new features. In the evolution process, in-video ads and YouTube ads emerged victoriously because these ways are more engaging because of new extensions provided by Google. YouTube is now such a huge network that it has more than 2 billion views a day and it gets two times more clicks then the Bing or Yahoo search engine combined. It’s important to choose a platform that has the maximum coverage to post your advertisement and YouTube is the best option in this regard.

To Outshine Your Competitors

To beat your competition cause there are two options, number 1 you take help of SEO, second you post advertisement on AdWords. When we compared this to methods we learn that SEO is a very slow and time taking process while AdWords the best way to grow your business overnight. Do more and more businesses are opting for AdWords and to complete them and you need to join Adwords as well.

Can Specify Your Advertisement Cost

Some people think advertisements suck is the higher cost, but with AdWords, this is not the case. You can specify up a budget you want to spend days in the advertisement when you are using AdWords. You can control your cost of advertisement while you are using AdWords. You can also specify a particular number of clicks per day according to your needs.

Better Than SEO

As we know the main problem with SEO is that it takes a lot of time to show better results for your business and in today’s competitive environment it is not wise to waste your precious time on SEO. Choose AdWords to see the results within the days and not even the weeks.


Today online advertisement is very important to help grow your business. A greater number of businesses are now using this great platform to grow their businesses. Before using this great platform you need to learn how to find better keywords for search on how to write effective ads. There are numerous benefits of using AdWords for example, it is very flexible, engaging, specify your advertisement cost, and it is better than SEO.

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