Google image search or reverse image search depends on selecting an image, and then ask Google to find similar images being used on different websites. It’s a very important feature which can play an important role to find the real source of the picture. Google image search is not only free of any cost, but also very easy to use.  To make Google image search, you just need to right-click on the image and select the option of reverse image search.  You may ask why Google image search or reverse image search is important for the business or normal online searches. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why reverse image search is important for the business and daily life online searches.

To search the image which is on your laptop or on phone, just you need to add this Google extension so that you can check the existence/details of any image. Please note you need to have a chrome browser on your phone or on a laptop. The link is here

How to Reverse image search on android?

Reverse image search on android phone

Why Do Google Image Search

There are different reasons to use Google image search; mostly it is done to check the authenticity of an image or to check how many websites are using this image. Sometime journalist uses this to check the source of the picture. 

Tracking the Images Use

If you have a website where using different images and want to avoid the use of these images on any other website, this tool is excellent for this purpose. Google reverse image search will let you know who is using these pictures without getting permission. You can also see if the images are being used on the right platform or in an inappropriate way. After authenticating that these images are being used at other websites without getting permission, you can decide if it is right to take action against these websites or not.  This tool will also allow users to see how much publicity their advertising got. They can see if the images are being used in the right context or an undesirable context.  If you want to take action against the inappropriate use of these images make sure that these images are owned by you because there is no use of the complaint about those images that you not own.  

Using this tool, you will see that few websites are utilizing your bandwidth by simply attaching the images at your website and not on their website. In this case, one can change the original image with some other images that are less useful. If you find some copyright photos being used without getting a license, you can send them an invoice or can stop them to reuse the images. It depends on how you use this Google image search which is very valuable and provides the information one can’t get from other sources.

Legitimate the images

Sometimes you see the images on different websites and on email and wonder how old these pictures are and what is the origin of these pictures. The solution can be provided by the reverse imaging research. For example, you are working as a journalist and you see a picture and you want to see the authenticity of this picture. This can be done by using Google image search.

There is an even better use of the Google image search in the current fake news saga, for example, you see a picture and want to see if it was really happening on that particular event or it was fake news. You can do it simply by using Google reverse image search. In some cases, the person shown in the picture is not really what the picture is showing you can solve this matter also with the help of this innovative tool.

Finding the Legitimacy of a Particular Person

Google reverse image search is also helpful in finding the legitimacy of the people present on the social media, for example when we see an attractive profile on Facebook or LinkedIn and we assume that it is a legitimate profile but in reality, it is not and the user just wants to hack some information. You can check the authenticity of that person by just downloading his/her picture and doing Google reverse imaging research and authenticity of that person can be seen easily. If you are worried about how many people are using your picture, this tool is helpful in finding how many people are using your images.

Using the Google reverse image search on an Android device

It is a well-known fact that Android is owned by Google, but it’s strange that Android doesn’t support reverse image search by default. You can do a reverse image search using Google Chrome but it is not effective for the images that are present in your system. Reverse image research is required because you can find similar images on Google and even can find the higher resolution image of a particular picture. Let’s see how to do Google reverse image search through the Android device.

Use Google image research by downloading an excellent app named as Qixingchen. You can use it by simply sharing the pictures to this app and it will perform Google image search within few seconds. The three steps activation of this app is given below.

Install This Image Search App

The first step to activate the Google image search on Android, install this app named as Image Search. Fortunately, this app is free and easy to install.

 Adjust the Options

After the successful installation of this app in your Android Phone, open the app we need to adjust some of its functions for smooth functioning. The first thing you need to adjust is disabling an option named as “Open the settings prior to upload”. This will save time when you are doing Google image searches by avoiding a step. If you like to do an image search facility beside Google find the Custom search engine option and click the + button there.

Start the Image Search

After applying the above-given options, the next step is starting the Google image search whenever you want to. When a picture appears online and you are just curious how old the picture is, or if this picture really belongs to a person shown in a profile, share that picture to the Image Search app. Some apps are advanced enough to allow you to share the picture from the online source but few others don’t have this feature. Therefore, you first need to save that picture on phone and share that picture from the system to the Image Search app.

After completing this sharing option, click on the “Image search” option on the app from Android’s share menu. The picture may take a second to a whole depending on its quality. After matching of results with this picture, Google will lead to image search automatically where the similar pictures will be shown there. You can see the original source of the picture there as well as higher-resolution pictures available.


Google Image Search feature is very useful for different applications. You can see the original source of the image as well higher-resolution picture available for the same image. The most required function of this feature is to find the authenticity of a particular person’s picture. The fake profile problem is very common these days, from Facebook to LinkedIn. Using this innovative feature, you can check whether the profile picture is original or not among other uses.

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