What is Google Business

With the advancement of technology, its benefits are reaching in every field be it business or education. The technological giants that have transformed our lives for better, Google is being one of them. If you are looking to promote your business according to the latest trends and needs, Google My Business is here to help you. It is a free tool that guides you on how to promote your Business Profile and increase your online footprint through the website using Google Search and apps like Google Maps.

Using the Google My Business (GMB) account, it becomes easy to stay in touch with your customers, keep posting about the latest events on your Business Profile. You can also understand how the customers are taking benefits of your business and how they perceive your initiative on Google. Google My Business is just the recent development but Google is adding more and more features to increase your ability to increase its footprint online.

Why Should Small Businesses Use Google My Business (GBM)?

Coming towards the crux of the matter, why small businesses need Google My Business. Google My Business is the best way to attract and interact with those customers want to purchase your products.

Google My Business is a game-changer for small businesses because:

Today, the majority of the customers go to search engines in order to get better information related to their required products.

About 2/3rd of the customers go to a store only after making an online search.

Astonishingly, about over 80% of customers trust online reviews when they want to purchase a new product.

What Are the Benefits of Google My Business for Small Businesses?

Most people use online sources to have a better understanding of the products available in the market. Google is the main source to search for the latest products users need. Therefore, Google has Google my businesses for your business to stand out. The network of Google is so valuable that over 5 billion searches are made daily to find different products and other uses. This simply means your profile and presence can be noticed by millions of people easily if you use Google my business to promote your business. This means the presence and appearance of your business on Google can have a great impact.

Google My Business: is it cost effective?

As GMB is a free of cost business listing on Google the largest search engine can bring your business in access to millions of customers. Besides this, industries can use different top-class directories to highlight their business. In contrast to GMB which is free of cost, these types of listings required some cost, either monthly or yearly packages.

GMB listing provides you various advantages and makes your business information more visible to common clients. For example, it provides information related to busy hours of operation, your business phone number, website and address of the business without spending even a penny. This free GMB is very helpful for your customers to know the quality of your products via reviews provided by the previous customers.

Visibility on Google Search & Maps

The main advantage of Google My Business is the attention it can attain in the Google advertisement arena. Normally, GMB profiles are maintained in the “3-pack” portion as well as in Google Maps results. In the Google search, results emerged with a particular hierarchy. The top three listing results are devoted to paid search. After these results, the following three are the local results presented on a map. The name of these ads is therefore 3-pack. After these three results, the “organic” results are available next.

These local 3-pack results were once up to 7 and even 10, but now they are confined to just 3. The numbers are just confined to 3, for better support to mobile users because mobile users mostly want results on a small screen. The information related to your business will appear in the local 3-pack. This means your business information will be more visible compared to organic results which can provide a major boost to your business.

It is normally observed that the GMB’s information appeared in the local 3-Pack which can provide appropriate information related to your business can prove a boon for your business. What makes this 3-pack appearance more attractive is its no cost mantra. For other paid ads you need to pay a significant amount which is not the case with GMB. This makes GMB’s 3-pack appearance very affordable and attractive.

Optimizing Google My Business Profile

To keep your profile ok for search in Google, up to date and fully optimized profile makes it relevant for the customers to keep searching for your product and the services. There are a few important steps to undertake if you want to keep your profile optimize and visible for a 3-pack search.

The very first step to optimize the GMB profile is to claim it. You can confirm the claim by visiting the GMB account and then select the Start Now option. This step involves sign in to the current Google account you have for your business purpose. After doing so put the name of the company in the relevant field on the top side of the page present close to the map of your residing country. Here you need to prove the authorization of the business management.

After this successful claim of the account, now it is important to keep the details of this business authentic and up to date. This step is to ensure that the operating hours of your business are 100% accurate, and the service types are the correct ones. Also, make sure that the payment methods and relevant fields are filled with correct information.

When you are checking the information of your business, confirm that the company’s name, its address, and NAP are uniform and same throughout the online profiles. This will also include the Bing, Yelp and any particular site of the company. If the information is in contrast with each other, this will impact the business negatively because it can confuse the potential buyers and other users of your services.

Put the right information related to your business in the GMB profile, it is important to add some images regarding your business to properly guide your customers what actually you are selling. When you are uploading the images, make sure they are high-quality images so that your profile looks better than your competitors. Include the images of the inner structure of your business, and the main organization members. These pictures should represent the real state of your business and should contain the message of why customers should opt for your services and not your competitors.

Last but not least, include some positive online reviews. These reviews can attract more customers than your expectations. You can receive first reviews from your sincere customers to turn the look of your business profile more professional.


It is proven fact that competition in business is on the rise and to outshine your competitors Google My Business is the best bet. You need to optimize online business to better promote it online. Remember, you should be on the front line where customers are searching to get the relevant products and services, if you fail to do so, you cannot get the attention of your customers.

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