Google Chrome is one of the finest browsers currently being used. The first version of Google Chrome was launched in 2008; within the next decade it was completely improved and it is now further useful. As happens with new products, Google Chrome also struggles at the beginning against the already established browsers, for example, the Firefox, Safari browser, and Internet Explorer. But it continues to improve and grows in popularity. Now it holds the majority share in the market with around 70% of the desktop users use Google Chrome by 2019.

Though Google Chrome has numerous benefits, it has some disadvantages as well. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Google Chrome browser.

Google Chrome Disadvantages

Privacy concerns

Though Google Chrome provides security of data leakage from outside attacks what you can do when Google itself decides to pass out your data to others without your permission. When you log in and sync to Google, it is just like providing Google access to all of your information. Google has been fined from the European Union on different occasions due to transferring information without user permission.

High Memory Usage

Though Google Chrome considers lightweight, it consumes higher memory and CPU usage compared to its competitors. This high usage of RAM data or CPU memory is pretty bad for the overall performance of the system. It impacts the functionality of remaining applications and sometimes stops them from functioning.

Google Chrome or Chromium

Very few people know that Google Chrome is different from Google Chromium. Though it was built under the same project but has different compared to the Google Chromium. Google Chrome is an open-source browser, the Edge has also shown its intentions recently to use the same browser open-source, and this will give Google further monopoly in the browser saga.

Very Little Room for Customization

Google Chrome is easier to use and has a great design, but lack the customization for customers compared to some other browsers. A must-have the option that Google Chrome lack includes the closing of the browser window with multiple tans opened without prior warning. This may be a problem when you suddenly closed the window without the intention to do so.

Google Chrome Advantages

High Speed

One of the biggest and noticeable advantages of Google Chrome is its high-speed other browsers mostly not offer. The main reason behind this high speed is its unique design which makes the browsing much lighter. You can compare the speed of the different browsers by yourself. For example, the compare the speed of Firefox, Safari browser, and Internet Explorer with Google Chrome and the difference will be quite visible.

Browse the same website with these browsers and most of the time Google Chrome uploads it faster.

High Security

Another advantage of Google Chrome is its high safety to use. Google always keeps updating the browser to cope with the latest security threats. Its Safe Browsing option offers you to block any unwanted website. If you are unsure which website is unsafe to use, allow the Chrome cleanup tool available for the Windows PC to do so. Moreover, Google Chrome has by default feature to point out and block the sites that not use HTTPS encryption.

Tab Browsing

This feature is available for almost every browser, but what makes Google Chrome tab browsing is the flexibility offers by it. This is wonderful how easily you can create and move a tab. You can open any of these tabs entirely on a new window and even notice what tab you visited the last time. This feature is very helpful in case you close a tab unintentionally. Each created tab runs on an entirely different link and prevents browser to crash due to overloading.

Easy to use

Some people prefer a simple looking browser and others like to see crowded looking web browsers. If you are a fan of the simple-looking browser, Google Chrome is your best bet. This makes it possible to keep focusing on the content you are looking for rather than the other useless stuff. For new users, it can pose some difficulties as well, because it is not well oriented as some other browser may look. But for some it a plus point and reason to use it.

Learn how to use Google Chrome: Tutorial

Powerful Developer Console

Fortunately, Google Chrome has the best developer console among all top browsers. It is useful for monitoring network bandwidth; adjust colors to improve the color design online. Combining it with the Lighthouse extension assists you to perform an SEO audit of any of WebPages using your browser.

Besides this built-in developer console, you can test any development work through Chrome canary or beta versions

Add-Ones and Extensions

In the initial versions, Google Chrome doesn’t have any extensions and add-ons that help provide flexibility to browsing. Fortunately, the later versions of Google Chrome have these features which make it even smoother. In the latest version, it has over around 12000 extensions and some of these extensions are related to change the look of the browser.

If you are still not satisfied with these extensions, you can talk with your developers to build your app to make it work better.

Cross-Platform Browser

Blink Browser Engine is useful for cross-platform browsing, the same platform is utilized by Google Chrome as well. Some browsers cannot be used on some devices like Windows and Mac, which is not the case with Google Chrome, as it can be used on all types of devices. This is useful especially when you are using different devices to browse data. No matter which device you use, Google Chrome offers the same user experience.

Easy Integration with Google Apps

Today, Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world, all thanks to its ease of integration with Google Apps. For example, when you use Google Chrome, you have direct access to other Google apps like Google Ads and Gmail. When you use other types of Browsers, all these important apps cannot be integrated so easily.

Charming Design

 Behind the success of Google Chrome, its beautiful design is one of the main factors. Google has introduced the Material Design concept and utilized it in Google Chrome. Its window version is even sleek and has features hidden in the simple setting page. This is good for those users don’t like to alter settings for each website.

Synchronization across Different Devices is Easier

If you have a Google account, synchronization can be done across different devices through it using Google Chrome. This way making bookmarks, saving history and other searched data become simpler. This has a benefit as you can find the searched data of one device on the other sync where you are using the same Gmail for Synchronization.


Since the first launch of Google Chrome in the year 2008, it has only seen an upward trajectory in growth and now it is the most used browser in the world. The top reason for its popularity includes Easy Integration with Google Apps, Powerful Developer Console, High Security, High Speed, and Charming Design. Though it has these benefits, it has some disadvantages, for example, Very Little Room for Customization, Privacy concerns, and High Memory Usage

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