Introduction to Google Classroom

Google Classroom helps teachers to establish online classroom, where they can communicate with their students, teach them the important lessons, and manage & share all documents of student’s requirements. These documents saved in Google Drive, where it can be updated using apps such as Google Docs. This Google Drive is somewhat different from other online drives because it contains a special student/teacher interface which is design keeping in mind the needs of the teaching environment.

Features of Google Classroom

 Google Classroom combines different features and apps to help educational institutions to adopt the complete paperless system. Some of the apps that are integrated with Google Classroom includes Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, and other useful apps like Google Sheets. Let’s have a look at some of the main features of Google Classroom.


Communication between teachers and students is an important part of any educational environment. Though Google Classroom, teachers can make different announcements for the students; in response to these announcements, students can ask different questions. This way a two-way communication takes place of Google Classroom. Through the Gmail app, teachers can send mails to any number of students.

Make Assignments

The main part of assessing the students is, of course, the assignment part. As a teacher, you can design assignments for students and send them as homework. You can send some different files with these assignments for students’ help. Students will know about new assignments through a notification. After completing the assignment, students can send them to you. You can grade these assignments according to the performance of every student.


Google Classroom supports different types of grading systems. Teachers can view the performance of all students during the assignments completion process and have the option to edit and ask for different improvements. After the initial submission of the assignment, the teacher can grade it and can ask for improvement. After the student sends the revised version and teacher grade it, then the student won’t be able to edit it again until the teacher returns for this purpose.

Archive Courses

 Google Classroom provides an opportunity for teachers to archive and publishes their course after the class term is complete. After the achievement of the course, it will become part of the Achieved Classes portion of Google Classroom where the new teacher can take guidelines, how to teach their class.

How to Get Started With Google Classroom- A Guide for the Beginners

There are three major steps to create your first Google Classroom. Let have a look at these three steps.


To start a new Classroom, the first step is the Signup to the account. If you already have one, that’s good you can simply sign in to it and follow the next two steps to activate it completely. If you are completely new to it; let’s see how to set up Google Classroom account.

  • Open your web browser and search for You need to sign in using an existing Google account.
  • If you use Google account regularly, you can’t sign up for Google Classroom. Go to the “start with the app” option to proceed.
  • After opening the app, read all the information provided on the “Google Apps for Education” page. After reading the services on the given page, click the Get app today option.
  • After filling the required information, click next.
  • If you already have a domain, for example, your school’s website. Click on the option already purchased Domain name, put the name of that domain in the given space, and click next.
  •  Put a specific username and password you want.
  • Pass few security setups, click on the Accept button, and Signup.

Create a Class

After signing in to the newly created account, click on the “+” button, go to “create a class” option. Put some basic details of your first class; choose a decent class name and section. After this step, click on the “create” option to create the new class.

Invite the Students to Newly Created Class

After creating the new class, invite the students to this class. To sign them up with your class, giving them the unique code. This unique code is the key to enter your newly created class. There is another option to sign up students is by entering their Emails one by one.

After inviting enough numbers of students, your first class is ready to function. Now every student that finds this class useful can join it.

The Most Suitable Apps for Your Google Classroom

With Google Classroom, almost every type of study related task if it is working as a webpage. But many of these features are missing in Google Classroom app. Several apps can work in collaboration with Google Classroom, to make it function better as an app as well. Have a look at some of these apps.


This app is mostly related to creation or presentation tools. With this app, students and teachers can create content easily in collaboration with the Google Classroom. Using this app you can create an attractive presentation to score higher marks.


With this innovative app, teachers can create technical exercises for their students. There are over 40 types of built-in exercises to choose from. With innovative templates, putting the lesson idea needs just a few seconds. On the other hand, students can open the exercises using the app on a Smartphone or iPad.


This app is particularly for those students and teachers on Google Classroom that have a problem creating attractive presentations. This app comes with unique templates, where you can design your presentation by yourself. It also has slid by slide built-in slides to choose from.


 As the name depicts, this app wants to ignite curiosity in the students in their learning process. With this app, learning is a lot more easily just like fun. As a teacher, you can find scientific and informative blogs and articles for your students here. Share the article with your students to ignite their curiosity for learning.


EDpuzzle is particularly effective for sharing the video with your students using the Google Classroom app. This is not just limited to sharing the education-related videos; you can add some audio notes on the video as well as different questions to make the video more interesting and informative.

The Advantages of Google Classroom

  The top 3 advantages of using Google Classroom are given below.

Best for struggling students

Google Classroom is best to manage the class in the best possible way. The submitted assignments are always there and can be used whenever a student wishes. The majority of things are organized by the teacher according to the student’s needs.

Easy collaboration outside of the school

With Google Classroom, interaction with teachers and among the student is not just confined to school only. Though Google Classroom, students can ask questions anytime he wishes.

Teacher planning is comparatively easier

With Google Classroom, the teacher can plan the teaching-related activities easily. Building a test or assignments is no more time consuming and grading them is also super easy with Google Classroom.


As technology gets more advanced, Google Classroom will shape the future education system. It is the right time to shift towards the paperless education system. So why not adopt a system now which is going to be dominant in the future?

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