What is Google Drive?

Almost everyone faces a similar problem, i.e. the shortage of storage in the hard drive. The solution to this limited storage is provided by Google Drive. It is a cloud storage service, and it can increase the storage files of your hard drive without any limit. Remember, Cloud storage is different from the online backup, which is meant for different purposes utilizing the same infrastructure.

In short words, online backup works to replace the system memory instead of expanding it, and work for emergency recovery. Google Drive has recently ventured into the online backup market allowing tagging any kind of folder for backup purposes. Google provides up to 15GB of online cloud storage initially. But keep in mind this 15 GB free space is to use between Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail.

What Can You Store in Google Drive?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. The good news is that Google Drive can store all types of files including photos, videos, and documents, etc. One more thing, it can also store email attachments received by you via Gmail. All these steps save the storage space and prevent you from making each move manually.

As with all the services uses, Google Drive also has some general file attribute limits which are enforced for better use. Normally seen, these rules are very easy to implement and shouldn’t impact most use. For example, you can use a doc file with up to 1.02 million characters at max, and to change the file to Google Docs format, the max allowed size is 50MB or lower.

Spreadsheets created and transformed into Google Sheets, which will be spreadsheet applications that require up to two million or lower cells. Demonstrations produced in or transformed to Google Slides, a new presentation developer, to be able to or slightly lower than 100MB. The other file varieties should be 5TB or smaller, given you have bought this amount of storage space.

One of the great applications about Google Drive is it lets you examine files from the inside the web browser without the requirement to download them in the very first. Different services having the zero-knowledge don’t allow an individual to try this, because of the particular fact that the services are unable to decrypt your data files. One can get access to previews regarding Microsoft Office, Adobe in addition to common types of files, such as. txt files, image files, audio tracks files and also video files. Its flexibility makes Google Drive ideal for not only getting the job done but taking benefit of your own media library as well.

How to Create a Google Drive Account

In case you own the Google account, which used for Google Mail, YouTube, & Google+ and you currently have a Google Drive account and may get access to it just by logging in with it to the website of Google Drive or even apps using your account details and information. If anyone has never utilized the website owned by Google or even the services before, you can build Google account without any cost by applying the below-given steps.

  1. Open any browser and search www.drive.google.com in that browser.
  2. Find and push the Go to Google Drive button.
  3. You will find the sign-in option on the very next page, don’t click on it and choose the option Create an account link.
  4. You will see some blanks to put information there, put your first and last name and create a strong password by putting it two times there. Remember, Google account username and Gmail email address will be the same. If you don’t like to create a fresh account, you can use the current email address as well.
  5. After doing this step, click next.
  6. In the next step, verify your phone number. This step is very much important to avoid access to hackers or other security threats. After entering the phone number select the Next.
  7. Google will send a security code on the given number in the form of a message. Enter that code on the very next page and proceed to enter additional information relating to your gender, birthday, and a backup email. All this information is required to secure the account. After this click the Next button.
  8. On the very next page, the information related to Google’s privacy policy and terms of use will be given. It is wise to read the whole piece of information and then click on the I Agree with the button. This button is present at the bottom of the information page.
  9. After agreeing with the terms and conditions, a new account will be created and you will be logged in an automatically way.

How to Login to Google Drive

The next step is of course how to login to the newly created account. To do so, follow the below given steps.

Before we start the login step, open your favorite browser and go to www.drive.google.com.

  1. Find and then click on the Go to Google Drive option.
  2. Here, put the email or linked with this Google account. You can use your phone number as well. Remember, If you own a Gmail email address, you can use it. After entering it click next.
  3. In the next step, you need to put the password of the Google account and then click next.
  4. After putting information correctly, Google will send a confirmation code to the given number for the account in the form of a text message. After receiving it, enter it into the appropriate box and click next.
  5. In this way, you will be logged in to Google account and can leads automatically to the Google Drive dashboard.

How to use Google Drive Effectively

Step 1: Go to drive.google.com

On your system be it computer or Smartphone, open the drive.google.com. Here you can find the “My Drive,” which deals with:

  • Your files and specific folders that you have uploaded or sync on Google Drive
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides you kept there.
  • The next step is to learn how you can back up and sync files.

Step 2: Upload or create files

You can do it using any computer. Do the following things:

  • Upload required files or folders to the Google Drive
  • Use the Office files
  • Now create, edit, and even format required Google Docs or Slides

Step 3: Share and organize files

You can also share any type of files and folders, so these files can be checked by other persons. They can edit it, or comment on these docs.

  • First, share files from your Google Drive
  • You can also share folders from your Google Drive
  • This way you can make any concerned person the else the owner of your shared files.

Final Words

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage platforms that can increase the online storage of your system tremendously. But like any other cloud storage platform, Google Drive has its shortcomings. Though these problems can sometimes ruin your user experience it is still considered as the best cloud storage solution available.

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