Google Drive and Dropbox is rapidly used profile storage service that SYN files from a folder on your device and cloud. This two apps keep your data safe and secure- the user can backup and access their data at anytime from anywhere.

Google drive –

It Can access to most integral program like DOCs and mails give around 15 GB of shared storage + user can access the storage upto 30 TB, it is free account users can use it without any purchase. Add it is founded by Google launched on 23 April 2012.


It gives 2GB of space with it’s free account. user will get the option to increase storage up to 3 TB .

It gives block- syncing ➕ referral program to update changes quickly. The founder of Dropbox are two MIT student Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi.

Google Drive. Dropbox.

*15 GB storage space. *Block Syncing

*access to google one. *Referral program


-shared storage. -less storage

-slower syncing. Space

-no native spread – Sheet support

Storage and pricing

the two free account have specific features and storage, Google Drive provide 15GB of shared storage between all Google program like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Maps, YouTube. However you can still increase your storage by just paying $100 per yearly. It also have some other plans, including Mid -Level one with the storage space upto 15BG and 2TB marks. While Dropbox does have an individual professional package with 3tb of space for $200 per year, while Google charge is $300 per month for 30TB of storage space.

Dropbox have a referral program to earn extra storage space from referral page the user can get 500 MB free storage space for referring a friend this feature is applicable for bot.


In Syncing Google Drive and Dropbox have different methods. When you do some changes in your device those changes are saved

Automatically. This file and documents are then synced within the program .

Google drive literally downloads and upload the entire documents for sync it. Sometimes you can see a delay while syncing the documents from a device. For example if we do some changes in order to see them we have close the app and reopen again to see the changes (some times).

Dropbox uses a block -syncing. Instead of downloads and upload the entire documents, Dropbox simply save and syncs, the changes made in device or documents.

This is much quicker as compared to Google drive. Dropbox block -syncing methods make changes appear and can be access more quickly, you don’t have to wait even a seconds.


This two software are cloud -based file, both have a word processor +project creation tools. The Dropbox tools called as paper, where you can create word documents with embed images, media files and calendars. It doesn’t pickup any grammatical errors while Google drive pick all grammatical errors.


Dropbox syncs is faster than Google Drive, while Dropbox syncs a file it only copies that have been changed. At first time file sync will take long time to upload changes. But after next time it update within the second.

Google Drive does not use block- level method for copying files, but it sometime cloud server run faster, the speed is negligible unless you deal with large files.


Google Drive is more secure, but Dropbox also have pretty good security for access your data both the software ask a pin or security questions but Google provide one more security to secure your data To safe your data from attacker you need to encrypts your data, sometimes google scan your data to keep them away from attackers. While Dropbox do the same thing but not marvelous as Google do.

Final decision

Both Google Drive and Dropbox work well good for storing files and documents in the cloud rather than on your drive.

And Google Drive is best overall, while Dropbox have fast syncing methods.

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