Google Input Tools is used in our daily work. If you are not a confident to text other in foreign language, then you must should use Google input tools. It is an extension tool that allow you to text in your local language (Virtual Keyboard). Now right and share messages (text) in any local language without copying and pasting. It provides more than 81 languages.

Google input tools?

Google input tools is a free platform to communicate in your local languages. You can use it in offline also. Google input tool make it easy to communicate by just changing some setting in your device. You can choose any languages, which is comfortable to you.

Google input tools features

Google input tools offer a rental of features, that’s you know. Here some more GIT features are listed below.

.Available for Google service, Android devices, Chrome and Windows.

.Work in both online and offline modes.

.Support 81+ languages.

.Hassle of copying and pasting.

.Available on both Windows and Android phone also.

.It is absolutely free of cost.

What’s new in Chrome Browser

In Chrome browser you can find more than 89 languages and you can use it through the command

“Toggle Google input tool”. In fact you can text any language through voice command also.

Let’s get started with Google input too.

It is a virtual keyboard for texting, including window and Android device, Google service and Chrome.

The user need to input the text and its translate them. Google input tools memories auto correct and keep a bespoke dictionary. Thus it bring the words when you start typing any text.

How to install Google Input Tools

Google input tools chrome extension permit the users to use input tools in any web pages.

Follow these steps to install Google input tools.

1.Click the extension icon and select the “extension options “.

2.In that page (extension options), select the input tool you want from left to right.

3.Double click on the left to add an input tools. Again double click on the right to remove a selection

4.The sort selected input tools by clicking on an input tool on the right, and click on up arrow ⬆ and down arrow ⬇ icon .

To use an input tool, click on extension icon. In the drop-down menu that appears, select the optional input tools. The input tool turn on and the color of that icon turn colorful, and when you turn off, it turn into gray color.

Now you can start typing in web pages, if it doesn’t work once refresh the web page by clicking on 🔄.

Final thoughts

As Google always provide a unique platform to the users to get benefited. Now a days google became a

part of or daily work. At least once in a day we search something in google home page, in return google also give their best to their users, and Google input tools is one of them.

It is very useful to those who effort (travel) to text in foreign languages .

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