Google Maps And How To Use Them

Google Maps is a digitalised software developed by Google. Google Maps provide satellite imagery, Airborne imagery, local street map, current location tracker, 360 degree sweeping views of streets, real-time traffic updates, live maps of many places, Google Earth maps and it also provide route direction for travelling by cars, bicycle or public transportation. Google Maps have 1 billion active users today and its is the most popular navigators software all over the world.

1. Track your current location

Google Maps provides you to track your current location it’s really very helpful to those who forgot or lost their route, they can search their destination or tap the location on the map to get the route direction. Google also provide images of their searched destinations, it give the shortest route to reach quickly and safely + Google Maps provide current location on the train or buses.

2. Google Maps Find ATMs

You don’t have cash to pay, wants to reach nearby ATMs, just click the Google map or tap microphone in search bar

and search ATM near me. It will show all the ATMs that present near to you, also provide ATMs that’s far from your location as well as exact location + direction.

3. Google Map traffic

Google Map traffic gives you the best traffic update on any Highway or local roads to reach your destination faster. It provide service over 49 countries In this world with real time traffic condition.

The coloured lines represent traffic conditions

The red lines on the map represent high traffic drain (traffic is moving 25 miles per hour and may indicate an accident on the route).

the Yellow line on the map represent medium traffic drain (traffic is moving 26 to 50 miles per hour).

the green line on the maps represent very less or no traffic drain (traffic is moving 50 miles per hour or more than that).

and the grey lines on the map represent no traffic drain (naugh traffic) .

4. Google Map satellite

Satellite map are one of the most popular tool used by meterologist. And what does it exactly do Google map satellite or Google Earth,it makes structure as 3D representation of Earth (computer programmed).

the satellite images, airborne camera obscura (photography) and GIS data is represented on a 3D Globe, providing 360 degree views to see topography (landscape) and cities from dissimilar (different) angle’s. It provider 3D designed world, you can see the actual structure like houses, live roads, mountain and many more.

5. Google Offline maps

To use offline maps first you need to download Google Maps in your device and you can access only driving direction and the other features are available online only.

6. Explore maps

Sometimes you might not able to see some places like small, towns or villages on Google Map at that condition Google Map provide a feature called Explorer, by this feature you can add some places which is still not explored yet.

7. Distance And Estimated Time of Arrival

Google Map provide you to check the distance and estimated time to reach your destination. It’s really a marvelous feature to plan your trip by just checking timing and distances.

First pin your destination location

Scroll down and tap the vehicle from which you want to travel.

Google map also have some more features like –

  • Location Sharing
  • Location editing
  • Creating a map
  • Google map timeline
  • Google map car
  • Setting routes etc.
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