For the common masses, keeping photos secure is the most daunting task. Those that keep their data stored in hard discs, memory cards, and mobile storage face two problems. First, they face the low storage problem; second, all these storage tools can get corrupted over time and the chances are very high you can lose your important pictures and other stuff. With Google Photos backup, this problem can be solved because it offers unlimited storage space and the chances of losing the data are minimum.  


Google photos were launched in the Year 2015, it is an innovative tool that helps you to store photos screenshot and even the videos present on your phone or system memory. As it is a cloud-based media backup storage tool and helps you have more storage in your phone and can work on android, iOS and the computer as well. If you are unaware of how it works, let us explain how Google photos work.

How Google Photos works

Using Google Photos one can upload photos, save, and create albums. You can also download different stuff, this means this backed up data can easily be linked with your desktop and other hard drives. There is another option to backup and sync photos and videos automatically for those that don’t have any Google device. For Android device users, they can control the amount of data to be backed up. This way you can save the data that is being uploaded in the background.

If you have Google Drive, you can use it to save the photos and favorite videos by visiting the settings of Google Drive and turning on create a Google Photos folder and saving it afterward. After the photos are attached to your account, they will be divided into different categories. Coming towards, how you can share any photo or video; you can share any file with the help of sharing features. Even, if you have deleted any photo or other types of files, you can bring them back even after 2 months of deleting it. You can bring them back if you archive them; the files will be nowhere in your memory, but you can bring them back whenever you wish.

How to Create the Backup through Google Drive

 Google can store all types of photos or videos in its Photos and that’s too for free. Storing data this way will not affect the memory of your Google drive. There are two aspects of this storage; first, if you store photos and videos in Google Photos recommended quality, it won’t consume the space of your Google Drive. In another way, if you opt for original quality, it will consume some space of your Google Drive for storing the library. Keep in mind; any of the photos that present in both these spaces i.e. on Google Photos and your Drive will consume double space.

If you are using Google Drive for the backup purpose for your Google Photos, this option is not available now because Google has changed its policy. If you are using it before Google stopped providing this facility, all of the synced photos will remain in your folder. You can use them as you were using before, but if you delete these photos from Google Drive can still stay in the Photos. Besides using these options to backup images and videos, you can use other options including upload from drive option.

How to Download a Photo archive

If you like to backup your photos besides the Google Photos option, you need to download a full-scale copy of Google Photos Archive. Keep in mind it will be slower compared to Google Drive, but still, it is very much useful for sure. To download and start the photo achieve, go to Data & Personalization tab located in the Google Account. Open it; find the option of Download your data option. There will be different options and categories to choose from; in our case, we just want to select the Google Photos option and deselect remaining all of the options. Select the checkbox and click the next step option given below.

On the next screen, there will be given different methods of delivering your required files, their size, and the size of the archive. In these options, you need to select the frequency of receiving the archive copy. After going through all these options select the Create archive option to create your library. As described earlier, it is a time-taking process, and it may take significant time depending on the size of the archive you want to download. Before downloading, some more time needed to deliver the library depending on its size.

Advantages of Google Photos

Google Photos has unlimited advantages to use for, let’s have a look at it will consume some of these advantages.

 Unlimited Storage

 The first advantage of using Google photos is the unlimited storage; the best part of this unlimited storage is it being free.  If you want to store original quality photos the Google photos provide unlimited access.  It is only when you try to store high-quality photos when it will consume a small space of your device.  This means you can only store high-quality photos when they are compressed.  The resolution limit to store photos is 16 megapixel and videos of very high resolution are compressed to 1080 P.

AI Assistant

Google photos provide a lot of features, for example, you can create photo book albums, can differentiate and collect photos based on their dates, places, and people.  Users can send and print these collections for free.  Artificial Intelligence assistants can create GIFs of those pictures that were captured quickly.  Pictures that were captured as individual photos will be saved as motion photos rather than GIFs.

Robust Search Option

The search option is one of the finest features of this platform as it makes it easy to search for different objects like cats or hill stations to narrow your search. This is a very useful option if you have not maintained your pictures into albums.  Besides this option, it also provides the function of face reorganization.  You can put the names of your friends on one particular picture manually, and Google photos will separate the pictures containing those friends. This will make it easy to search for particular people. 

Create live albums

 Similarly, you can create live albums using Google photos; this feature is very helpful in automatically separating the photos of your closed ones.  If anyone wants to backup their photos that are physically present in the form of print, they have the option to scan these pictures and upload these pictures to Google photos using your desktop or even the phone.  Those who want to keep the documents in Google photos and desire to highlight certain parts of their documents, Google photos allow them to do so.


Google Photos is an innovative and very useful tool that needs no extra knowledge to use it. One can enjoy unlimited space store their photos without compromising their security.  If you can little compromise on their quality you can store an unlimited number of photos there.  It can be your best bet to save your system memory.

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