What Is Google SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method of attracting higher traffic from the organic or natural search results on Google search engine. SEO is the set of rules to optimize a website to achieve higher rankings in Google’s natural results. Like any other major search engine, Google has some primary search results where different web pages and content are shown against each searched query. The Google search engine ranks these web-pages according to their content relevancy. Higher the SEO of a webpage, higher will be the rank of that page. Here is why search engine optimization or SEO is important for your business website.

Importance of Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO plays the most important role in today’s competitive online environment where every business is trying to take the lead over its competitor. Staying complacent or not optimizing your business website or blog according to the Google search engine requirement simply means you are out of the competition. Let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons why SEO is important for your business.

To attract a higher number of users:

It is estimated that over 66% of the Google search engine users opt for the first five results shown in the search engine result pages. This means out of hundreds of web pages on a particular niche, 2/3rd of the user’s share is taken by the top 5 results. To achieve a higher ranking on search engine suggested pages, your page should fully search engine optimized.

It helps grow your business:

SEO is the ultimate way to stand out in a competition. If multiple businesses are selling the same item, only search engine optimized business can attract more customers on the site, thus higher sales.

For the smooth running of the website:

SEO plays an important role in the smooth functioning of a website. SEO helps in establishing the checklist to apply before making content/blogs online.

Better user experience:

Besides giving an edge to your business over competitors, it also makes a website easy to use. This increases the satisfaction of the customers and most likely, sales as well.

Higher promotion on social media:

It is commonly observed that customers and users will promote your website if they find it useful for their needs. An SEO site is more luckily to be promoted by a user on social media and other platforms compared to the site which is not.

Tips to Make Your Website Google SEO Friendly

The importance of search engine optimization is now fully understood. The main question is still unanswered i.e. how to make a website SEO friendly. To make any website SEO friendly, follow the following tips.

Focus on quality of content:

It is the most critical factor when it comes to the SEO ranking of your website. Without proper content, you can’t rank your site higher on Google. Further, your content should be relevant to your business to cater to more users. Besides the quality Google core factors check some other factors rank your site higher. These factors include the topic and length of the content, how old is the content, and the keyword distribution.

Give importance to Keywords distribution:

No website can be made SEO friendly without the proper usage of keywords in the website content. These keywords can attract more users to your website than any other tactic. To choose appropriate Keywords, think like the users, what a user will type in Google to find relevant content. After selection, some important keywords, use them in your content wisely to attract more users to your site. Use important keywords in title, subheadings, and Meta description.

Take care of user experience:

Google gives equal importance to user experience to rank a site. If a user stays on your site for long, this means your website provides relevant content to the user needs. Shorter the time spent by users on your site, poor will be the user experience; thus lower the website rank. Keep updating your content, focus on the latest trends, and try to understand what a user expects from your site to improve the user experience on your site.

Crawlable Link Structures:

Make your website’s link structures crawable, this way your site can be found easily on a search engine. To do so, use numbers avoid using numbers and different symbols in your website URLs, instead use one or two important keywords in a URL.

Give Higher Priority to Mobile Users:

A decade ago, most of the Google searches were coming from desktop. But now the trend has shifted dramatically in favor of mobile users. Seeing this trend, Google now gives importance to mobile users as well and to rank your site higher, it must be a mobile-friendly site. Therefore, make sure your website is compatible with all types of devices.

Analyze the Backlinks:

Backlinks play important role in SEO strategy, some backlinks are more effective than the others. Keep checking the performance of these backlinks of your website. Prefer only those backlinks that are adding value to your SEO ranking and remove the inessential ones.

Best Tools for SEO Analysis


This is one of the best tools to analyze the loopholes in your SEO strategy. Its main focus is on analyzing the competitors, link-building and suitable keywords research. It keeps you up to date with the latest trends and also helps you adjust the main keywords in the content.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool:

Shaping the data present on the site is a little trickier and time-demanding task. If the website is years old, the task is even technical. This tool provided by Google is the best way to structure your data in the best possible way and most stunningly, it’s all free. The tool is just perfect to locate the errors and relevant problems in the site.


This is one of the best tools to identify the area of competition and to keep you updated regarding the latest trends. No matter, if you want to identify the most suitable keywords or traffic analysis including both paid and organic ones, Spyfu is your best partner in this regard. premium competitor analysis tools are very time savvy and give you the best information related to your competitors as well.


This platform comes with extensive ranges of tools to analyze the performance of your site in the best way possible. This SEO tool is not only good at analyzing the SEO solution, but it also gives a guide on how to better advertise and social media management related stuff.

Pro Rank Tracker:

As the name depicts, the software is good at finding the ranking of your business website both globally and locally rankings. This is the best way to find how effective are your efforts regarding the SEO, are they improving your website ranking or not. It is also helpful in finding the loopholes of SEO strategy so that you can improve it in the later stages.


Google search engine optimization plays a crucial role in ranking your website higher. Beside this SEO helps grow your online business and to improve the user experience of your site. To fully utilize the search engine optimization benefits, you need to adopt a few important strategies that are provided in this article. Using a few SEO analyzing tools like Ahrefs can determine the loopholes in your SEO strategy.

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