Google Shopping

1. Google shopping offers Access for shopping store in more than 40 countries.

2 .Google provides higher conversion rate, grab attention, use quality image, broader reach etc.

3. Google shopping does not provides yet fully delivery responsibility to the user.

Amazon Shopping

1. Amazon provides service in around 180 countries across the world.

2. Amazon provide best price, huge selection, reliability, fast and cheap shipping.

3. If any user purchases any product, Amazon take the whole responsibility till the product is delivered to users. 

Google shopping is a platform to search online products which is posted by seller and many other product companies. it’s mainly used to paid products only, in other hand Amazon show thousand of products instead of paid products which are sponsored.

Amazon was founded in Bellevue, Washington, United States in 5 July 1994.
And the founder is – Jeff Bezos. Google shopping was founded in 12 December 2002. Founder Craig Nevill-Manning while both Google Shopping ads and Amazon sponsored products show a products image, title, price, and rating.

Google Shopping ads can’t be controlled by keywords. Google decides what to display based on products informations provided by the advertiser through product data feed. Sponsored Products are keywords or products attribute targeted and function with an auction=based pricing model.

Amazon Sponsored Products are available to third-party sellers and first-party vendors on Amazon portal and the ads show up exclusively on Amazon in search results. Google Shopping ads are available to advertisers with their own e-commerce website and can show  across Google search, Google images, YouTube, and in Gmail .


When consumers use Google to search for products, they are frequently served Shopping ads. Google Shopping ads show users photos and products, as well as their titles, prices, store names etc.
The ad’s appear across Google properties, including searches, images and YouTube when people search for products . The ads that appear on the right side of Google search engine result pages -(SERPs)- on desktop,site and in a carousel format at the top of the- SERP -on mobiles are all examples of Google Shopping ads. They are designed to showcase and promote the products.

Google shopping

1.As Google shopping is also used to search queries and products, when we search any products on Google shopping Google show those products only which is paid instead of unpaid product it is the one of the  drawback in Google shopping.

2. In Google shopping the unpaid products cannot be rank compared to paid products and the users may get some difficulties to find some more product which have some special offers or best quality products.

3. Google shopping is also used to provide a platform for other shopping website like amazon to sell or sponsors their products in Google shopping .

4. Google also provide cost per click and it’s CPC average rate is higher than Amazon-
For example Google average CPC is $1046 Per year, whereas Amazon provide cost per click $672 only per year.

5. A win for Google shopping-it increases your brand visibility and also increases awareness among all Shoppers.
Google shopping display your details like your business name and your brand name in a specific colored font in down of the product which help the user to Remember.

How Amazon works?

Unlike Google, Amazon is a product-based search engines designed for making purchases and does not need to considers informational  intent such as results.
For “how to” searches from users as Google does. Instead of that , it  focus on transactional searches, pairings consumers with the most relevant products based on users searches.

Amazon advertising platform allows users to enter search queries and Amazon serves relevant product ads that coincide with their search and
Sponsored Products also. For example show up at the top and along the side of a Amazon: SERPs), as well as on certain products details pages–Like Google Shopping ads, Sponsored Products are cost-per click campaigns that operate with an auctions based pricing models.


1. Amazon is an E-commerce website that provide a wide array of products with great features, where some the product is already owned by its own company and some of the third parties like sellers .

2. Amazon sponsored their products by ads and also it’s give paid advertising options. It doesn’t show only the paid products or sponsored products huge number of product with best offers

3. Amazon provide Fast Service and also provide to purchase the product directly while compared to Google shopping.
Google shopping provides only the website where you can purchase the product rather than direct option.

4. For online marketing the users get paid less for cost- per click as compared to Google shopping and it’s average CPC is $56 in a month and $672 in a year, which is may less online marketing users.

5. Amazon and Google shopping is always focus on those audience who are ready to buy.
Google also target some audience to reach the products by advertisement.
Google shopping can beat Amazon in brand visibility and awareness because Amazon does not provide any business name and brand name in specific font or any colored font instead of this is just put brand name in its title as simple as possible.


These two websites are pretty good but Amazon provides large varieties of products and shipping options compared to Google shopping. Hope to see Google also competing in those two areas. Also Google shopping needs to advertise more about their shopping services they provide. Even most of the online buyers are not yet aware about Google shopping and ho it works.

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