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WhatsApp new updates: Dark Mode option

Dark mode updates seem every different day but the function is yet to reach on WhatsApp. As users desperately look ahead to WhatsApp dark mode they will have to do with only updates for now. The new WhatsApp dark mode update indicates it will likely be to be had in three options for users. In ...

Google changed its CEO Sundar Pichai to Alphabet company

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the previous Stanford University students WHO supported Google during a silicon valley garage, aforementioned yesterday that they're stepping aside as leaders of the web behemoth they started 20 years ago. They said they will take care of Google and Sundar Pichai the ...

Facebook search 10 Effective ways!

Hola people! Most of our generation is available on social media, and it gets easy to know about someone. we also find that for some time, our elder generation has also got along with social media, somehow trying to catch up with the Millenials, if not on every networking site, most of them are on ...

Free movies 20 online websites in 2020

This year went by a swoosh, and we see 2020 waving us a hi from far, it’s coming, are you ready to greet. Well, we are ready to make it an entertaining one for you. Talking of entertainment, who doesn’t like to watch movies, movies are a great way of entertaining oneself. Feeling lonely? Watch a ...

Pirate Bay: What it is and how to use it?

Internet a world of magical power, fascinated people by enhancing their knowledge. It acts as a knowledgeable supplier and get an answer to every question of creatives' minds. Most people become familiar with this name the Internet as is with their own names. With the closing eyes, internet users ...

Facebook search by name: 10 Easy Ways

From a village to a city, from the soil to iron man, from the wilderness to the hustle and bustle, human beings are moving on to get together. Human is a social animal wants to get connected, this desire is the instinctive one. In each era, they get more involved with each other to take ...

Alternative search engines list 2019

Once a time, a very popular sentence every one had listened to in childhood was, “Books are best friends” How many people have this belief? If someone says in this earning age “The Internet is the best friend forever” we will say yes, it is. Everyone, from student to a businessman, uses the ...

YouTube video to MP3: 10 ways to convert online.

Like that latest hit song on YouTube, want to add it to your playlist, but do not want the hassle of going back to YouTube again, every time you need to enjoy it,  want to keep it as a song?  Looks like too many questions and only one answer to it and that’s yes, great, welcome to the gig, pal. ...

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