Once a time, a very popular sentence every one had listened to in childhood was, “Books are best friends”

How many people have this belief? If someone says in this earning age “The Internet is the best friend forever” we will say yes, it is. Everyone, from student to a businessman, uses the internet to quest they need for life. Now the question arises, how many of us find the best destination to our questions. The medium through which we can get access to any information available on the internet is the search engines. Search engines are powerful tools through which one can get a wide range of informative websites. There are many search engines exist with their own qualities. So, here are discussing the features of most frequently used search engines of 2019 with authentic statistics that help out the user to search and select the best search engine according to the necessity.

Alternative search engines list 2019

  1. Google
  2. Baidu Search
  3. Bing
  4. Yahoo
  5. Yandex Search
  6. DuckDuckGo
  7. Wolfram Alpha
  8. CC Search
  9. Internet Archive
  10. Search encrypts
  11. Startpage



One of the most popular search engines is the google search engine.

Features: (pros and cons)

Google search engine provides its users with a range of languages. This gives an ease to the users and makes the google an ideal search engine.

 Google as a search engine keeps tracking its user searching history. This helps out google to decide which type of advertisement is better to show you.

 Google also furnish its user with the facility to just type the keywords of searching. It means the users need only to type the keyword and google automatically gives option related to the keyword and take its users directly to the world of useful websites.

 Google keeps the user’s privacy open. Some users do not like that so google gives an option to its users to manually set the privacy.

Baidu Search

This search engine also called china’s google. One of the most widely used search engines in China. It makes a 13.19% share of the search engine market.

Features: (pros and cons)

Baidu Search as compare to google is a slower crawler.

Searching through Baidu outside China, one thing is compulsory that is the website that one is searching for should be hosted in China. Similarly using the Baidu search engine, the website hosted in other countries except China is difficult to browse through this search engine.

Baidu owns its webmaster tool through which one can make an addition to the information on his/her website.

As a china popular search engine, Baidu looks easy in use for those know the Chinese language well. Well, this is not the case, even a user having little command on the Chinese can use the Baidu as a search engine.

Baidu becomes the most visited search engine in the world, because of its use by Chinese, having a large population.


Yandex as a well-liked search engine is a Russian search engine.

Features: (pros and cons)

  1. Like many other search engines, Yandex offers images, video, mail, maps, translate like options. With this facilities package, at also offers its own browser. This browser can be downloaded easily.

Duck Duck Go

If someone is searching for that search engine that does not use the user’s data and keeps the privacy private, then the Duck Duck Go is such a basic search engine that facilitates its users worldwide.

Features: (pros and cons)

  1. Duck Duck Go is the favorite search engine for those whose first priority is to have full control over their search history.
  2. It blocks the advertising tracker to provide its users with the full support to keep their track private in all the aspects.

Wolfram Alpha

The dynamics that make the Wolfram Alpha a distinguishable from other search engines are that it is a computational search engine.

Features: (pros and cons)

It provides a helping hand to all users related to different fields and carries all those characteristics that every user can use and get benefited from this easily.

to get assistance in Mathematics. All types of solutions to different questions of every type are available on this search engine.

Wolfram Alpha allows its users to get knowledge related to science and technology.

It also provides information related to society and culture.

It offers an opportunity for its users to get every information related to everyday life. So, it means it covers a variety of fields.


Yahoo is a very useful search engine. It provides what many other search engines do not offer.

Features: (pros and cons)

It keeps its users updated with fresh news. On opening the home screen all new information is given on the screen which the users can read before starting searching.


Bing has many attractive features that make it special and optional for many users.

Features: (pros and cons)

It gives a better and supportive image search where some can get a better image searching feature that Google does not provide.

Bing also provides the users to get access to their desire videos without to approach to YouTube.


It allows the users to search for information on Wikipedia.

CC search

Many users concerned with the images and videos that they can use easily without any hurdle of copyright issues. For those CC Search is the best option as the search engine.

Internet Archive

It is a source of information that one can search for. It has websites, music, software, movies, and books. Everyone can read and download interesting books except for proving the opportunity to get access to a wide range of websites.

Search encrypt

It also gives privacy options to users.  What someone search has vanished as the users close the website. Only that information is kept which the user wants to save privately.


If someone is used to search through google but does not agree with the privacy terms provided by google the best option for those on the start page. That is link with google but offers the best privacy terms and conditions.

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