As the facebook was being backlashed for it’s political ads policy from everywhere twitter CEO also took a dig at Zuckerberg and on this week on Wednesday Jack Dorsey announced a new policy which will govern political advertisements.On her statement she strictly said that her company will not allow any politician to spread false information on their platform by paying him.

After this announcement backlash on facebook again starts as some people gets a chance to fire upon Zuckerberg once again.Biden’s camp used this opportunity to criticize face and praised twitter.
Hilary Clinton also took on twitter to criticize the policy of facebook by writing
” This is the right thing to do for democracy in America and all over the world. what you say Facebook”

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez also praised twitter for their step of banning political ads on their platform by saying,
“This is a good call. Technology – and social media especially – has a powerful responsibility in preserving the integrity of our elections”

twitter bans political ads

Recently the congresswoman also criticized the policy of faced and goes after Zuckerberg by putting pressure on him that whether his company’s will allow politicians by posting fake news on their platform by paying him.

Biden campaign harshly criticized the ads policy of facebook by saying that facebook has chosen ads dollars over the democracy.

Trumps next election campaign manager Brad Parscale had a word regarding all these controversy going on he also stated that there is a lack of understanding of the English language by clearly targeting towards banning of all political advertising on twitter.
Parscale stated that, ” Twitter bans political ads in yet another attempt by the left to silence Trump and conservatives”

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