In between the accusation maded on the whatsapp for spying on over 1400 individuals by israeli based company NSO group.Now whatsapp is coming up with a new security feature to enhance the privacy of the users.A new security feature for android user has been released.Whatsapp gets a new fingerprint unlock feature.

However this feature is not new for IOS user as this was launched for them earlier this year in february.Talking about IOS user they also have a option to use face id for unlocking the whatsapp if their iPhone support face id.

This feature was rolled in beta version of whatsapp earlier this year in August.Now after testing it in beta version for couple of months it was launched for everyone.Now you don’t have to worry about your private chat.Now you don’t need a specific application for security of your whatsapp.

To enable Fingerprint lock your whatsapp follow these steps:-
Step 1- Go to setting in whatsapp
Step 2- Click on accounts open privacy tab
From here you can setup fingerprint lock in whatsapp.
You can also choose between various time settings for automatically lock immediately after closing or after 1 minute or 30 minute.This will be helpful for those who don’t want to continuously unlock smartphone.However this feature lacks up a bit as it do not have a secondary method to unlock whatsapp incase your finger is dusty.

For using this feature you need to update your whatsapp into the latest version from play store.

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