Android TV Platform from Google?

Android TV in a Nutshell

Android TV in a Nutshell
Nvidia Shield Remote. Image Courtesy Nvidia

Android TV is an Android-based working framework for your TV. It can be utilized on independent gadgets like DVRs and amusement supports and also a stage that can be implanted in gadgets like brilliant TVs. Android TV gadgets can stream recordings and run amusements and different applications.

Android TV is a revising/rebranding of the Google TV stage. Google TV was a flounder for different reasons, including industry antagonistic vibe (TV organizes effectively blocked Google TV from spilling their substance) a cumbersome UI, and a huge TV remote.

Instead of repair the brand, Google began sans preparation and presented the Android TV stage, this time with the gift of the systems that once disregarded gushing substance on TVs.

2. More on Android Smart TV


More on Android Smart TV
Sony Bravia TV with Android TV. Image Courtesy Sony

Numerous present TV sets are “stupid.” They just enable you to stare at the TV demonstrates communicate over the air or through associated gadgets, and you are compelled to watch the show as it affectation or utilize some gadget (a DVR) to watch the show for you as it comes in on your link and after that replay it later. What’s more, your idiotic TV set does not know which indicates you like to see and which demonstrates you need to skip.

You can get around some of this by utilizing a DVR, as they as a rule have a proposal motor and enable you to program your survey inclinations by watching arrangement at once. That functions admirably insofar as nothing meddles with the physical chronicle of your show, (for example, the power going out or a tempest upsetting your satellite dish.) Both the moronic TV and the DVR display are wasteful. An expanding number of watchers simply sidestep this entire wasteful process and dispose of satellite TV totally.

The thought behind shrewd TVs is that not exclusively do they enable you to associate with the Internet, however they enable the TV to include administrations and recommendations (and yes, advertisements) custom fitted to your inclinations. There’s additionally still leeway to keeping your link membership in the event that you like it, since numerous link channels have web based gushing accessible for endorsers. That gives you a TV that can stream your show on request, stream different administrations like Netflix or Hulu, hold the library of individual films you’ve carefully bought, and play Android amusements or utilize different applications, for example, climate administrations or photograph collections.

In spite of the fact that there are enormous favorable circumstances to having a brilliant TV, there truly has not been a great deal of industry concurrence on a keen TV stage. That implies in the event that you get one brilliant TV and you need a redesign or switch marks, your applications and inclinations don’t tail you. Google is trusting that Android TV gives a typical stage to brilliant TVs and different gadgets to improve for a customer encounter (and in light of the fact that they possess the stage).

Sony and Sharp as of now offer 4K Android TVs in the USA. Philips additionally makes an Android TV, however it isn’t accessible in the USA as of this written work.

One proviso – in spite of the fact that your Android TV applications are versatile when all is said in done, some have particular framework prerequisites that may keep them from running on different gadgets. A few producers utilize this to make restrictive applications.


3. Android TV Game Boxes and Set-top Players

Android TV Game Boxes and Set-top Players
Courtesy Google

You don’t need to get a totally new TV to exploit the Android TV stage. You can likewise utilize independent set-top gadgets, for example, the Nvidia Shield and Nexus Player to give you a large number of similar highlights. Both are fit for spilling at up to 4K determination, if you have a TV (and the data transfer capacity) to help it.

Actually, a Nvidia Shield or Nexus Player might be a superior decision since they cost not as much as another TV and abandon you allowed to update and supplant your TVs and players autonomously.

The Nvidia Shield likewise offers some selective titles and GeForce Now, a gushing diversion membership benefit (think Netflix for amusements) for $7.99 every month.

The Nvidia Shield is as of now estimated at $199

4. Android TV Apps and Accessories

Android TV Apps and Accessories
Courtesy: Google

Similarly as Android telephones can play applications, Android TV has the ability to download and play applications from Google Play. Some applications are created to keep running on numerous stages from telephone to TV, and some are particularly intended for TVs or amusement supports. Since Android TV is intended to be a typical stage, that implies (by and large) you could supplant your Sharp Android TV with a Sony Android TV and still keep all your applications.


Much the same as with the Chromecast, you can cast appears from your Android telephone or your PC (running the Chrome Web program and Google Cast expansion).

Voice Control:

You can control Android TVs utilizing voice summons by squeezing the voice catch on generally remotes. This is like the Amazon Fire TV and other voice-controlled.


The remotes for Android TV differ by maker and go from something that generally resembles a customary TV remote to an improved touchpad with voice control. The “remote” for amusement boxes like the Nvidia Shield are diversion controllers that additionally can be utilized to control TV seeing choices.

The antecedent of the Android TV, the Google TV, had a remote that was actually a full-measure console. While it was awesome for Web looks, it was an unfathomably awful thought for controlling fundamental TV capacities.

In the event that you’d get a kick out of the chance to skirt the remote, you can likewise utilize an application on your Android telephone. Numerous TVs offer an iOS form too.


Android TV considers a great deal of potential adornments, however the most ordinarily accessible extras are cameras (for video talk and amusements), exchange remote controls, and diversion controllers. Your telephone for the most part likewise considers an adornment since you can utilize it to control the Android TV, as does your workstation.

5. What’s the Difference Between Android TV and Chromecast?

Difference Between Android TV and Chromecast
Chromecast. Courtesy Google

The Chromecast is a super modest ($35 or less) gushing gadget that you can guide specifically into the HDMI port of your TV and stream content from either your cell phone or your workstation (utilizing the Chrome Google Cast expansion). There’s additionally a Chromecast outlined around spilling music to your stereo framework rather than video substance to your TV.

Android TV is a stage that can run various distinctive sorts of gadgets, including TVs, set best players, and gaming reassures.

Android TV gives you an indistinguishable throwing capacity from a Chromecast in addition to:

Storage room – Android TV gadgets have storage room to store applications and media. Numerous additionally enable you to grow the capacity with USB hard drives.

Applications – The Chromecast can’t run applications. It just streams content. Android TV enables you to run applications you download from Google Play (or conceivably other Android application stores.)

Amusements – Yes, diversions are a kind of application, yet recreations merit an uncommon callout here since Android TV takes into consideration a superior amusement involvement from multiple points of view than your Android telephone does, including diversion support remotes and multiplayer amusements.

Brilliant TV – makers are better ready to influence Android TV to some portion of your general TV watching knowledge with a remote that controls both Android TV and standard TV capacities.

Video Chat – with a camera frill or TV with installed camera, you can utilize your TV for Google Hangouts and have a substantially more normal correspondence encounter.

4K Video – If you’re sufficiently fortunate to have Google Fiber or another extremely quick association, you can stream 4K content on an Android TV. Chromecast does not yet bolster this.

Android TV Alternatives and Competitors

Android TV isn’t the set up stage for every brilliant Tv as much as Google might want it to be. Contenders incorporate Roku, Firefox OS, and Tizen, an open-source, Linux-based stage created by commitments from Nokia, Samsung, and Intel. LG is resuscitating the old Palm WebOS stage as a keen TV stage.

Apple TV and Amazon Fire aren’t composed as open-source TV stages, yet they are rivals in the spilling TV market, and they both offer arrangements that incorporate applications, gushing video, and music.

The Bottom Line – Do You Need an Android TV?

On the off chance that you just need to stream Netflix and YouTube shows to your TV, you could get by with a significantly less expensive Chromecast or one of numerous other shabby gushing gadgets. Assuming, in any case, you need to play multiplayer amusements and host video talks, Android TV is a choice. All things considered, take a gander at set-top players as opposed to a TV implanted with Android TV. You will even now get more an incentive for your cash by purchasing a “stupid” TV and utilizing a gadget to make it brilliant. To check many options to get one Click here