Google Android introduction


Android is an open cell phone stage that was produced by Google and, later, by the Google-created Open Handset Alliance. Google characterizes Android as a “product stack” for cell phones.

A product stack is comprised of the working framework (the stage on which everything runs), the middleware (the programming that enables applications to converse with a system and to each other), and the applications (the real projects that the telephones will run). To put it plainly, the Android programming stack is all the product that will influence an Android to telephone an Android telephone.

Since you know what Android is, how about we discuss the critical stuff:

Why would it be a good idea for you to think about Android?

Most importantly, it’s an open stage, which implies that anybody can download a product advancement unit and compose an application for Android. That implies that you ought to have a lot of Android applications that you can download to your telephone. In the event that you like Apple’s App Store (a standout amongst the most raved-about highlights of the iPhone), you ought to be satisfied with Android.

Google has a decent notoriety with regards to making programming. The organization’s Gmail benefit, its online suite of uses, and its Chrome program have, generally, been positively gotten. Google is known for making basic, clear applications that are characteristically usable. In the event that the organization can make an interpretation of that accomplishment to the Android stage, clients ought to be satisfied with what they see.

While the product will originate from Google- – and any individual who composes applications for Android- – you will have some decision in both equipment and cell bearer. An Android telephone can be made by anybody and made to keep running on any system.

These are only a couple of the reasons why Android has seen achievement.