Picture-in-Picture mode in android

Picture-in-Picture Mode on Your Android

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) is a component accessible on Android cell phones running Android 8.0 Oreo and later. It enables you to multitask. For example, you can scan for an eatery while video visiting with a companion or watch a YouTube video while getting headings on Google Maps.

It sounds gimmicky, yet it’s a decent component for overwhelming multitaskers who bounce from application to application. PiP is likewise advantageous on the off chance that you need to coolly watch a video as opposed to give careful consideration, for example, an amusing video that is taking too long to get to the punchline. This element may not be something you utilize each day, but rather it’s very worth try it attempt. We played around with Picture-in-Picture; here’s the means by which to set it up and utilize it.

Applications Compatible with Picture-in-Picture


Picture-in-Picture mode in android

Since this is an Android highlight, huge numbers of Google’s best applications bolster picture-in-picture, including Chrome, YouTube and Google Maps.

Nonetheless, YouTube’s PIP mode requires a membership to YouTube Red, its advertisement free stage. The path around that is to watch YouTube recordings in Chrome instead of utilizing the YouTube application.

Other good applications incorporate VLC, an open source video stage, Netflix (with a refresh to Android 8.1), WhatsApp (video talks), and Facebook (recordings).

Find and Enable PiP Apps

This element isn’t good with all applications, and it’s up to designers to show whether an application bolsters this capacity (they don’t generally do this). You can see a rundown of all the applications on your gadget that help picture-in-picture. In the first place ensure your applications are up and coming, at that point:

Go to Settings on your cell phone or tablet.

Tap Apps and Notifications, at that point Advanced.

Tap Special App Access, at that point Picture-in-picture.

At that point you get a view rundown of applications that help picture in picture and which ones have PIP empowered. To debilitate this element on a for every application premise, tap on an application, and slide the Allow picture-in-picture flip to one side into the off position.

Step by step instructions to Launch Picture-in-Picture


Picture-in-Picture mode in android

There are a couple of approaches to dispatch picture-in-picture, contingent upon the application. With Google Chrome, you need to set a video to full screen, at that point press the Home catch. On the off chance that you need to watch YouTube recordings on Chrome, there are a couple of additional means.

  1. Explore to the YouTube site, which will most likely divert to its portable site (m.youtube.com).

2. Tap the three-speck menu symbol.

3. Tick the case by Desktop site.

4. Pick a video and press Play.

5. Set the video to Full Screen.

6. Press the Home catch on your gadget.

On the YouTube application, you can simply begin viewing a video, at that point press the Home catch. With some applications, for example, VLC, you need to empower the component in the application settings in the first place, as should be obvious in the screen capture above. On WhatsApp, when you’re in a video call, tap the Back catch to actuate picture-in-picture.

We trust this procedure gets institutionalized in the end.

Picture-in-Picture Controls

Picture-in-Picture mode in android

When you’ve made sense of how to dispatch PiP in your most loved application, you’ll see a window with your video or other substance on the base left of your show. Tap the window to take a gander at the controls: Play, Fast Forward, Rewind, and a Maximize catch, that takes you back to the application in full screen. For playlists, the Fast-Forward catch moves to the following melody on the rundown.

You can drag the window anyplace on the screen, and force it to the base of the screen to reject it.

Some applications, including YouTube, have an earphone alternate way that gives you a chance to play sound out of sight in the event that you needn’t bother with visuals.