iMessage Android Bug Fix

In the event that you’ve changed from iPhone to Android, you may have experienced a disappointing bug: some instant messages don’t get conveyed to you and neither you nor the individual sending the content knows it. For quite a while, Apple didn’t recognize this bug so there wasn’t much to do to settle it, yet that is altogether changed with Apple’s arrival of a free apparatus to expel your telephone number from iMessage.

The Cause of the Bug

At the point when two iPhone clients are messaging with each other, of course their messages are sent by means of iMessage, Apple’s free iPhone-to-iPhone informing instrument (you can know a content has been sent through iMessage in light of the fact that your statement swell in the Messages application is blue). When one individual in a discussion has an iPhone and the other individual has another sort of telephone—Android, for example—conventional content informing is utilized (spoken to by the green word swell).

No issues up until this point. The issue comes in when somebody who used to have an iPhone, and along these lines utilized iMessage, changes to Android or another stage. In that situation, Apple’s framework some of the time neglects to perceive that a switch has been made and it will in any case attempt to convey the content by means of iMessage.

Since the iMessage arrange is absolutely separate from the standard content informing system, the message deadlocks and never gets conveyed to its beneficiary.

To exacerbate the situation, the sender doesn’t realize that the message wasn’t conveyed, either.

Fix the Bug With Apple’s Free Tool

Apple has discharged a free instrument that lets previous iPhone clients unregister their telephone numbers from iMessage, which keeps writings sent to them from falling prey to the bug. In the event that you used to be an iPhone client, and have changed to Android and aren’t getting a few writings, do the accompanying:

1.Go to Apple’s Deregister iMessage site Click Here

2.Look to the segment titled “No longer have your iPhone?”

3.Enter your telephone number (this expect you conveyed your telephone number from your iPhone to your new Android telephone) and snap Send Code

4.You will get an instant message on your new telephone with a 6-digit affirmation code in it

5.Enter that code into the site and snap Submit. This expels your number from iMessage and takes care of the issue.

Fix the Bug Before Switching to Android

In case you’re wanting to change to Android, yet haven’t done as such yet, there’s a less demanding approach to keep the bug from happening: expel your number from iMessage now. This implies you won’t have the capacity to get free iMessages any more, yet those messages will be conveyed as instant messages, so you won’t miss anything.

1.Tap the Settings application

2.Tap Messages

3.Move the iMessage slider to Off/white.

Fix the Bug If You Still Have Your iPhone

In the event that you’ve just changed to Android, however haven’t yet reused or sold your utilized iPhone, there’s another method to unravel the bug. All things considered:

1.Take the SIM card from your new telephone and embed it into your iPhone. This incidentally moves your telephone number back to the iPhone

2.Tap the Settings application

3.Tap Messages

4.Move the iMessage slider to Off/white

5. Put the SIM card back in your new telephone.