Android frequently asked questions FAQ


On the off chance that you are totally new to utilizing Android cell phones, or regardless of whether you are just reasoning about updating your component telephone to something somewhat more intense and a la mode, you likely have a few inquiries concerning this kind of telephone rattling around in your mind. Following quite a while of being the informal Android know-everything to my companions, family and notwithstanding passing associates, it strikes me that there are sure inquiries which get asked over and over. This rundown isn’t a comprehensive Q and An on Android telephones, however it ought to unquestionably answer some of those niggling apprentice questions you may have.

1. What is Android?

The enormous one! The inquiry I have been asked a larger number of times than most likely some other with regards to discussing cell phones. Android is a versatile working framework possessed by Google, and utilized by numerous cell phone producers as the framework programming on their gadgets. The most effortless approach to comprehend this means by contrasting your cell phone with home PC. The PC might be produced by Dell or Mesh, yet the working framework (Windows), made by Microsoft, is the thing that diverts it from a gathering of secret elements into a valuable device by connecting up what you see on screen to the equipment inside. You can read more about Android here.

2. Which Are the Best Apps?

A relatively incomprehensible inquiry to reply, as it totally relies upon what you intend to utilize your cell phone for. The applications which are best for me, are most likely not going to be the applications which are best for you. Without a doubt, there might be some applications which everybody appears to utilize, for example, Facebook and Twitter. By and large, the most ideal approach to pick applications is by either utilizing your telephone for some time and working out if there is anything missing from it that you need to do, and after that searching for an application that does it, or by conversing with your companions who likewise utilize Android. On the off chance that the greater part of your companions utilize WhatsApp Messenger and SnapChat, it bodes well for you to likewise give them a shot.

3. Do All Smartphones Have Touchscreens?

In fact, no. Be that as it may, most by far do have a capacitive touchscreen nowadays. A touchscreen is regularly thought to be a key component in what makes a cell phone a cell phone. ​​BlackBerry, Nokia and a few different makers create telephones which would fall in the cell phone class (with cutting edge highlights, for example, email, program, and so forth.,) however don’t include a touchscreen, or if nothing else have a physical console as an elective information technique to a capacitive screen.

4. Do I Really Need a Google Account?

You should enter points of interest of a current Google record, or need to make another record, amid the set-up procedure of all Android telephones. In the event that you have a Gmail, YouTube or Picasa account, or a record for any of the other well known Google items, you as of now have the login subtle elements you require. Google moved the greater part of its different item accounts into a solitary brought together record quite a long while prior. Without a Google account, you won’t have the capacity to take full preferred standpoint of all the helpful applications which are pre-introduced on all Android telephones, and as there’s nothing more needed than a couple of minutes to set up a record, it appears to be senseless to make this an issue.

5. Are Widgets Like Apps?

Not so much. Albeit a few gadgets do appear to have remain solitary capacities, (for example, the clock or caution gadget) they are constantly associated with a full application or a framework setting, giving you a chance to see updates or notices from the application without really opening it completely. The stock Android email gadget, for instance, can be set up to indicate either the latest message or the titles of the last five messages. This enables you to rapidly check whether you have vital messages without opening the email application. Consider gadgets intelligent home screen alternate routes.

6. Which is the Best Android Phone?

Once more, it is hard to prescribe a particular handset to somebody without comprehending what they intend to utilize it for. On the off chance that you need something which will play the every one of your media effortlessly, run for something with an extensive screen and great processor like the Galaxy S4 or HTC One. On the off chance that your principle concern is a decent camera, settle on one of the Nokia Lumia go or the Galaxy Zoom. Similarly as with applications, your most solid option is to ask your companions for what reason they cherish their telephones and check whether your necessities coordinate.