My phone dropped in water


What happens in the event that you get your Android telephone wet? Do you freeze? Do you toss it in a jug of rice? Do you discard it? It turns out those answers aren’t right.

Odds are great in the event that you simply sprinkled a couple of drops of water on your screen, nothing awful will happen. So allows simply discuss what happens on the off chance that you truly goof. Imagine a scenario where you drop your telephone in the can or wind up got in a rain storm with your satchel drenching wet. Imagine a scenario in which you wash it in the clothing. What at that point?

All things considered, there’s a little shot you won’t have to do anything if your telephone is water sufficiently safe to maintain a strategic distance from harm. For every other person, here are a couple of things to attempt:

Kill Your Phone

Don’t simply kill the screen. Power the cell phone down totally. Unplug it if it’s on the charger (and don’t connect it back to.) Hold down the power catch until the point when it is off, and if conceivable, open the case and expel the battery. Do this instantly.

By and large, telephones don’t pass on due to water. They bite the dust in light of the fact that the water causes a short in the wiring. With the end goal for that to happen, you need control. In the event that you can shut down the telephone and dry it out inside 48 hours of water introduction, odds are great that your telephone will live to see one more day.

Evacuate The Case

On the off chance that you have a case on your telephone, evacuate it as of now. You need to have however much of your telephone presented to air as could be expected.

Attempt A Specialized Cleaning Service

You could attempt an administration like TekDry now on the off chance that they are accessible close you. Bigger metropolitan zones will frequently have various, comparative administrations.

Expel The Battery

The most dire outcome imaginable is whether you have an Android telephone that isn’t intended for simple battery substitutions and is glitching out when you attempt to control it down. I had that happen once and opened the case with specific apparatuses keeping in mind the end goal to evacuate the battery. In the event that you don’t occur to have an arrangement of telephone repair instruments, the best alternative is lay the telephone level and expectation the battery depletes before anything shorts.

Wash Your Phone?

On the off chance that you dropped it in the sea, wash it. Salt water will consume the inside. Same on the off chance that you dropped it in soup or different materials with particles. Or then again a filthy can bowl. Truly, wash it off in a surge of clean water. Don’t, in any case, dunk it in a bowl or sink of water.

Abstain from Jostling, Tilting, or Shaking Your Phone

On the off chance that there’s water inside your telephone, you would prefer not to aggravate it by giving it a chance to keep running in new places.

Try not to Use Rice

Truly, I know the primary thing everybody instructs you to do is to stuff your telephone in a container of rice. Be that as it may, stuffing your telephone in a jug of rice will probably inadvertently stuff rice grains into your telephone than it is to help the telephone’s drying procedure. Rice isn’t a drying specialist. Try not to utilize rice. Different things not to utilize incorporate a hair dryer, stove, or microwave. You would prefer not to warm up your as of now risked telephone.

Rather, utilize genuine drying operators, for example, Damp Rid (accessible in supermarkets) or bundled silica gel (the “don’t eat” parcels you find in vitamin bottles).

Tenderly pat your telephone down with a towel, and after that place it on some paper towels. Place the telephone some place where it won’t’ be aggravated. On the off chance that conceivable, put the telephone and paper towels in a compartment with Damp Rid or silica gel bundles. (Not free powder – you don’t need particles on your telephone)

You most likely still have sufficient energy to raced to the supermarket to get a few in the event that you don’t have any close by.


Give your telephone no less than 48 hours to dry. Longer in the event that you can. You might need to adjust your telephone upright and tilt it, so the USB port points down after around 24 hours to ensure any residual dampness empties descending and from your telephone. Abstain from bumping or shaking.

On the off chance that you are a courageous guarantee voider and have the right devices, you could likewise have a go at dismantling the telephone however much as could reasonably be expected before drying it out. Here’s the pack I suggest in case you’re into dismantling your gadgets. They’ve likewise got some awesome guidelines on the best way to repair and reassemble your gadgets.

Search For Water Sensors

How do repair or telephone organizations know you got your telephone wet? Your telephone has water sensors in it that can distinguish if there has ever been “water entrance.” The sensors in many telephones in reality simply look like little bits of paper or stickers. They are white when dry, and they turn splendid red – for all time – when they get wet. So in the event that you take your telephone case off, and you see splendid red paper specks on the inside of your telephone, that is most likely a stumbled water sensor.

Waterproof Coating

This may come past the point of no return for you in the event that you’ve just dunked your telephone, yet organizations like Liquipel can coat telephones that would typically not be water safe. You send them your telephone, they coat it and return it to you.