Exclude files from norton internet security


Norton AntiVirus or Norton Security may over and over alarm you that a specific record or organizer has an infection despite the fact that you know it doesn’t. This is known as a false positive and can be irritating. Luckily, you can teach the program to overlook that document or envelope amid examines.

Like most great hostile to infection programs, the Norton AV programming gives you a chance to prohibit documents and organizers from being checked. You advise the product to never again take a gander at that record or organizer, which pieces it from the program’s view.

It won’t reveal to you whether there’s an infection there or not.

Clearly, this can be a decent component if Norton continues revealing to you that a record document is an infection when you know it isn’t. Be that as it may, barring entire envelopes from being checked isn’t astute, particularly if it’s an organizer like the Downloads envelope that generally gathers new documents, which could conceivably be infections.

Reject Files and Folders From Norton AntiVirus Software Scans

Here’s the means by which to prohibit particular documents and envelopes from a Norton Security Deluxe output:

  • Open the Norton hostile to infection programming.
  • Select Settings.
  • Pick the Antivirus choice from the Settings screen.
  • Go to the Scans and Risks tab.
  • Discover the Exclusions/Low Risks area.

Snap Configure [+] by the alternative where you need to roll out improvements. There are two arrangements of alternatives here: One is for prohibitions to against infection filters, and the other is for avoidances to the ongoing insurance highlights of the Norton programming, similar to Auto-Protect, SONAR, and Download Intelligence Detection.

From the rejections screen, utilize the Add Folders and Add Files catches to find the document or envelope you need and influence another prohibition to run the show.

Snap OK in the prohibitions window to spare the progressions.

Now, you can leave any open windows and close down or limit the Norton programming.

Cautioning: Only bar records and organizers in case you’re certain they’re not contaminated.

Prohibited things are not seen by Norton AntiVirus programming and are not ensured by the program. Anything disregarded by the product may wind up having infections later on that the AV application won’t think about in light of the fact that they’re rejected from outputs and continuous insurance.