Antivirus questions and answers


The best antivirus programming is the one that works best on your framework, has the highlights you need, and is simple for you to utilize. Since each framework is remarkable, in case you’re looking for new antivirus programming, you ought to assess a few items to locate the one most appropriate for your PC and your level of involvement. Obviously, you’ll need to stay with just qualified, legitimate antivirus items that have gotten affirmation from the three noteworthy confirmation specialists: Checkmark, ICSALabs, and VB100% – and which have performed well on the thorough tests directed by

There is additionally the subject of paid or free antivirus. While as a rule, the paid antivirus offers more highlights that can give finish assurance, those building an ala carte security arrangement may toll better with one of the free independent antivirus scanners. For particular suggestions on best of class in their individual classifications, see the accompanying:

What Is The Best Antivirus To Use?

Top (Pay) Antivirus for Windows

Best Free Antivirus for Mac and Windows

Do We Need To Have Both An Antivirus And An Anti-Spyware Scanner?

It depends. Some antivirus items, outstandingly McAfee VirusScan, incorporate stellar spyware security – yet numerous others don’t. In the event that you are encountering continuous issues with spyware, you should need to consider adding a devoted spyware scanner to the blend. For proposals, look at these Top Spyware Scanners.

Do We Have To Uninstall The Existing Antivirus Program Before Installing A New One?

On the off chance that you are changing to another antivirus item, you should uninstall the past antivirus scanner first.

In the wake of uninstalling, you should reboot your PC before introducing the new scanner.

On the off chance that you are basically redesigning the current antivirus programming to a more up to date form of a similar item, there is no compelling reason to uninstall the more seasoned form first. Be that as it may, if the new form is at least two renditions fresher than the old, at that point you will need to uninstall the old form before introducing the new.

Once more, whenever you uninstall a current antivirus item, make certain to reboot the PC before introducing the new scanner.

Would two be able to Antivirus Scanners Be Run On The Same System At The Same Time?

It is never a smart thought to run two antivirus scanners at the same time. Be that as it may, if just a single of the scanners has ongoing security empowered and the second scanner is utilized just to physically examine chose records, they may conceivable coincide calmly. Now and again, an antivirus scanner won’t introduce on the off chance that it recognizes another antivirus scanner as of now introduced on the framework.

For what reason Does One Scanner Detect A Virus But Another Does Not?

Antivirus is to a great extent signature-based. The marks are made by the individual sellers and are one of a kind to their items (or the items that utilization those specific filtering motors. Consequently one seller may have included identification (i.e. a mark) for a specific malware while another merchant might not have.