Reset a Chromebook to Factory Settings


This instructional exercise is proposed for clients running Chrome OS.

A standout amongst the most advantageous highlights in Chrome OS is called Powerwash, which enables you to reset your Chromebook to its production line state with only a couple of mouse clicks. There is a huge number of reasons why you might need to do this to your gadget, going from setting it up for resale to simply needing to begin new as far as your client accounts, settings, introduced applications, records, and so forth. Regardless of the main thrust behind your want to Powerwash your Chromebook, the procedure itself is to a great degree simple — yet can likewise be changeless.

Because of the way that a powerwashed Chromebook can’t recoup some of its erased documents and settings, it is critical that you completely see how it functions before proceeding with it. This instructional exercise points of interest the intricate details of the Powerwash highlight.

While the lion’s share of your Chrome OS documents and client particular settings are put away in the cloud, with settings fixing to your client record and documents saved money on your Google Drive, there are privately put away things that will be for all time erased when a Powerwash is performed. At whatever point you spare a record to your Chromebook’s hard drive instead of Google’s servers, it is put away in the Downloads organizer. Before proceeding with this procedure, it is suggested that you check the substance of the Downloads organizer and anything vital to your Google Drive or to an outside capacity gadget.

Any client accounts put away on your Chromebook will likewise be erased, alongside the settings related with them. These records and settings can be synchronized with your gadget again following a Powerwash, accepting that you have the required username(s) and password(s).

On the off chance that your Chrome program is now open, tap on the Chrome menu catch — spoke to by three vertically-adjusted specks and situated in the upper right-hand corner of your program window. At the point when the drop-down menu shows up, tap on Settings. In the event that your Chrome program isn’t now open, the Settings interface can likewise be gotten to by means of Chrome’s taskbar menu, situated in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

Chrome OS’s Settings interface should now be shown. Look down and tap on the Show propelled settings connect. Next, look down again until the Powerwash area is obvious.

Keep in mind, running a powerwash on your Chromebook erases all documents, settings and client accounts that as of now dwell on your gadget. As specified over, this procedure isn’t reversible. It is prescribed that you move down immeasurably vital records and other information preceding focusing on this methodology.

On the off chance that despite everything you need to continue, tap on the Powerwash catch. An exchange will show up expressing that a restart is required to proceed with the powerwashing procedure. Tap on the Restart catch and take after the prompts to reset your Chromebook to its default state.

It would be ideal if you take note of that you can likewise start the Powerwash procedure from your Chromebook’s login screen by utilizing the accompanying console easy route: Shift + Ctrl + Alt + R