Show ip Firefox Windows Add-on


The Bottom Line

ShowIP is a Firefox extension that presentations the IP deal with of the internet web page you’re presently viewing proper on your browser’s popularity bar. similarly, it gives you the potential to query services including whois and netcraft thru IP or Hostname.

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you may speedy view the modern internet page’s IP address and not using a consumer interplay required.
Copying the IP or Hostname to the clipboard may be executed in only two mouse clicks.

Retrieving geolocation and other records can be useful in uncovering suspicious websites.
you are given the capability to feature your personal custom IP and/or Hostname queries to ShowIP.
The person interface is without difficulty customizable in both coloration and address style.

some DNSstuff queries protected require a $3 according to month club to get entry to.
The life of the left-click menu is not stated everywhere in the extension itself.

ShowIP shows the IP cope with of the current internet page in Firefox’s reputation bar.
proper-clicking on the IP deal with shows a menu containing custom queries based at the modern page’s IP cope with.
Left-clicking at the IP cope with presentations a menu containing custom queries primarily based on the current page’s Hostname.
The IP cope with or Hostname can be copied to the clipboard through the suitable menu preference.
The Netcraft question shows the OS, net server, and hosting history for the contemporary web page.
The IPv6Tools options take you to an internet web page on which includes numerous relevant tests.
The esymbian ip2country option shows the geolocation (host usa) of the present day web page.
ShowIP’s possibilities can help you upload new custom query entries to both the IP and Hostname menus.
New queries may be configured to open in a new browser window, standard tab, or heritage tab.

The IPv4 deal with style may be set to decimal (default), octal, hex, or DWord.

Manual overview – ShowIP
ShowIP is a reasonably easy extension but can show to be a totally beneficial one. The IP address of each internet page that you go to is prominently displayed in Firefox’s status bar without getting within the manner. shade coding lets in you to show IPv4 and IPv6 otherwise, and the style of all IPv4 addresses can be configured for your favourite preferred. The custom menu queries, with the exception of the ipv6tools that require a monthly subscription charge, are available accessible sometimes. I recommend removing those who aren’t free thru the services tab in ShowIP’s preferences. also, the ability to feature your very own queries with parameters is a nice touch. This extension isn’t always perfect, however it gets the job achieved at the bottom stage and makes a pleasant addition on your Firefox browser.