what version of windows do i have

Do you know what model of windows you’ve got? At the same time as you generally don’t need to recognise the precise model variety for anything windows model you’ve got installed, fashionable statistics approximately the working machine model you are jogging could be very critical.

Everyone have to understand 3 matters approximately the home windows model they have got installed: the foremost model of home windows, like 10, 8, 7, and so forth.; the edition of that windows model, like pro, remaining, and many others.; and whether or not that windows version is 64-bit or 32-bit.

If you do not know what version of windows you’ve got, you might not understand what software program you may deploy, which device driver to choose to replace—you can now not even realize which guidelines to observe for help with something!

Be aware: remember the fact that the taskbar icons and start Menu entries in those photographs won’t be precisely what you have got in your computer. However, the structure and wellknown appearance of every start Button will be the same, as long as you do not have a custom start Menu hooked up.

The way to locate the home windows model With a Command
While the images and statistics beneath is the nice manner to determine the version of windows you’re going for walks, it is no longer the handiest way. There may be additionally a command you could run on your laptop as a way to display an about windows display screen with the windows version covered.

It is really easy to try this regardless of the version of windows you are jogging; the steps are same.

Just invoke the Run dialog box with the windows Key + R keyboard shortcut (preserve down the home windows key and then press “R” as soon as). As soon as that field indicates up, input winver (it stands for home windows version).

Windows 10

Screenshot of the windows 10 start Menu and laptop
windows 10 start Menu and laptop.
You’ve got windows 10 if you see a begin Menu like this while you click on or faucet the begin Button from the laptop. If you right-click the start Menu, you may see the electricity person Menu.

The windows 10 version you’ve got set up, as well as the gadget type (64-bit or 32-bit), can all be determined indexed in the device applet on top of things Panel.

Windows 10 is the call given to windows version 10.Zero and is the contemporary model of windows. If you simply got a new computer, there may be a 99% hazard you have got windows 10 installed. (perhaps closer to 99.Nine%!)

The windows version number for windows 10 is 10.Zero.

Windows nine in no way did exist. See What occurred to home windows 9? For greater on that.

Windows eight or 8.1

Screenshot of the windows eight laptop
home windows 8.1 begin Button and desktop.
You’ve got home windows 8.1 in case you see a begin Button on the bottom-left of the desktop and tapping or clicking on it takes you to the begin Menu.

You’ve got home windows 8 in case you don’t see a start Button in any respect at the computing device.

The power person Menu when proper-clicking the start Button in home windows 10, is also to be had in home windows eight.1 (and the identical is authentic for right-clicking the nook of the display in home windows 8).

The edition of windows eight or eight.1 you’re using, as well as statistics on whether or not that version of home windows eight is 32-bit or sixty four-bit, is all found on top of things Panel from the gadget applet.

See a way to Open manipulate Panel in windows 8 & 8.1 in case you want assist getting there.

In case you’re no longer positive if you’re strolling home windows 8.1 or home windows 8, you may also see that statistics listed in the machine applet.

Windows 8.1 is the name given to windows version 6.Three, and home windows eight is home windows model 6.2.

Windows 7

Windows 7
Screenshot of the home windows 7 begin Menu and computer
home windows 7 begin Menu and desktop.
You’ve got windows 7 in case you see a begin Menu that looks as if this while you click on the start Button.

Tip: The windows 7 & windows Vista (beneath) begin buttons and menus appearance very similar. The home windows 7 start Button, but, fits completely inside the taskbar, not like the start Button in home windows Vista.

Facts on which home windows 7 version you have, as well as whether it is 64-bit or 32-bit, is all available in the control Panel within the device applet.

See how to Open manage Panel in home windows 7 for help getting there.

Home windows 7 is the name given to home windows model 6.1.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista
Screenshot of the home windows Vista start Menu and computer
windows Vista start Menu and computing device.
You have home windows Vista if, after clicking the begin Button, you notice a start Menu that looks a lot like this.

Tip: As I noted in the home windows 7 segment above, each variations of windows have similar begin Buttons and begin Menus. One way to tell them aside is to have a look at the start Button—the only in windows Vista, unlike in home windows 7, extends above and below the taskbar.

Information at the home windows Vista edition you’re using, as well as whether or not your model of home windows Vista is 32-bit or 64-bit, is all to be had from the machine applet, which you could discover on top of things Panel.

Home windows Vista is the name given to windows model 6.Zero.

Home windows XP

Windows XP

home windows XP begin Menu and desktop.
You have got windows XP if the start Button includes each a windows logo in addition to the phrase begin. In more moderen versions of windows, as you could see above, this button is only a button (without text).

Any other manner the windows XP begin Button is specific whilst as compared with more moderen versions of home windows is that it’s horizontal with a curved right part. The others, as seen above, are either a circle or square.

Like other versions of home windows, you may discover your home windows XP edition and architecture kind from the machine applet on top of things Panel.

Home windows XP is the name given to windows version 5.1.

Unlike with more recent variations of windows, the sixty four-bit version of windows XP became given its own version variety—home windows version 5.2.

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