We all are aware of Instagram and Snapchat stories that offer you to see the latest updates and photos from the loved ones and the celebrities. Instagram is a popular platform launched by Facebook. Seeing their success, Google-owned platform the Youtube is now introducing its own Instagram like feature for successful Youtubers. It was initially proposed in the year 2017 and now it is a reality. The feature will have separate names of Reels and work in the same way as some other platforms are working.

In the initial stages of its launch, only the selective Youtubers were allowed to access this feature. Besides posting pictures, selective people were allowed to post short videos as well. Though this announcement was a great breakthrough for those waiting for these features on Youtube, many were disappointed because it was only for the selective Youtube creators. Fortunately, their disappointment was for a short period because Youtube announced in the year 2018 that it is going to expand this feature of many other Youtubers. This was indeed good news for many Youtube creators that were famous enough to enjoy this feature.

Can anyone use this feature?

 In the initial stages, this feature was only for fewer people, now it is not the case. Anyone with at least 10000 subscribers can enjoy this feature. This simply means, now everyone is allowed to use it, but millions of people can have access to this feature now. For some people, 10K subscribers are still a great milestone and this feature should not be for all. The idea of its launch is to provide Youtube creators a chance to interact with their fans to update about the upcoming videos and other latest news they want to share with their fans. You can say, Youtube Stories is giving the creators to use Youtube more than just Vlogging and making informational videos.

Though Reels feature creators can share the behind the scene happenings, short videos of celebrities’ collaboration, and much more. Coming towards the main question, is the Youtube Stories for everyone? The answer is very simple; yes all above 10K subscribers are allowed to use this feature. Those creators that are short of this number of subscribers can only hope one day this feature will expand to normal users as well.

Is it Youtube Stories similar to Instagram and Snapchat?

Almost yes! The idea of introducing this feature is influenced by other famous platforms including Instagram and Snapchat. The basic features of the Youtube Stories are almost similar to Instagram. You can post your latest photos, can inform about the latest events, and update about the upcoming events in the form of photos. Still, there are some major differences between Instagram stories and Youtube stories.

For example, the Instagram stories only stay for up to a day but this is not the case with Youtube stories that can last till 7 days. Instagram stories only appear for those that are following the person that posts the stories while Youtube Stories are complete stories. These stories appear for not only the subscribers but also for nonsubscribers. These stories will appear on Youtube recommended up next sidebar along with a video.

Creators who use this feature of Youtube can interact and respond to the curious fans that see their stories and videos. Here the response from the creator to their fans can be seen by all and sundry. Fans have the option to post comments or questions on different stories and creators can reply to their comments.

Seeing the main features of this tool along with its rollout nature depicts that these Youtube stories may not work separately as was first thought but work within the parent Youtube platform. Another result that can be deducted from its nature is that these stories are expected to appear more often on the main page of the Youtube particularly those accessing the platform through smartphones. Other features of the valuable tool include adding the text, Youtube Stickers, and music filters. The camera icon that was assigned to start live streaming for both Android and iOS will now contain another option in it as well. This same button can be used to create a story along with all the previous options.

Similar to normal videos and streaming we see on Youtube where people can like and dislike a video; the same like/dislike option will be available for the Youtube stories as well. To edit the video, the moderation tools that are used in the normal videos can now be used for the story videos as well. For the subscribers, the stories will appear in the subscription tab and for non-subscribers, it can appear on the up next video list.

How to create a Story on Youtube

To create stories on Youtube the first thing is, of course, having the number of minimum 10K subscribers. Once you achieved that mark you can create Youtube stories. To create a story, first, open the Youtube app and click on the video camera icon that is creators are familiar with. After tapping on this icon, you can see the creation story option. Click on it and create your story and interact with your fans instantly.

What Users and creators think about Youtube Stories?

 The news of Youtube stories spread like fire in the forest. The reaction of users and creators were mixed, some were considering it a good addition to the already existing tools while some think another way. Those that take it negatively think Youtube is already messed up and needs to concentrate on the already existing problems and lacks rather than adding more tools that other platforms are already providing satisfactorily. One of the commenters was so angry and called it the downfall of Youtube. He further wrote in such words “If they stop copying other social media and keep/support all of the old features, there is still a chance they will keep users.”

The next comment came from a creator named Philip DeFranco; he called the move of Youtube to create a Story tool as weird. According to him, the Youtube stories will stay there for up to 7 days and not 24 hours, people can comment on it but only through another picture or video and still, there is no feature of video linkage option. He hopes there is some potential but he is skeptical about it.  

All are not against this tool, particularly some creators that very famous on Youtube only. According to them this feature will allow them to interact with their fans more often and share the latest updates regarding the channel easily.

The Conclusion

Finally, the Youtube Stories tool is here to amaze us. It is a good opportunity, particularly for the Youtube creators to interact with their fans and share all important events and experiences with them. But there are two sides to coin; though it is a good move by Youtube it has some disadvantages for the existing platform as well. People are increasingly complaining about the old features of the platform that need an overhaul speedily. For example demonetization of a great number of channels is one of the thorny topics in this regard that need attention before adding other valuable features.

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